From India to Amazon: The beginning of a new career in the U.S.

Ayushkumar joined Amazon in 2017, looking for a stable job. Little did he know Amazon would offer him stability and open doors to new career options. 

I joined Amazon in 2017, and in 2020, I discovered the Career Choice Program at work. Encouraged by my brother, who mentioned how certificates could be a pathway to jobs in fields related to my degree, I decided to enroll in the Data Analytics Certificate in 2023. Participating in this program has significantly contributed to my career development both within Amazon and externally.


Choosing Pathstream: A Door to Data Analytics

The decision to pursue a career in data analytics was inspired by his brother, who encouraged Ayushkumar to build skills in this high-demand field. Amid various options available through Amazon’s Career Choice Program, Ayushkumar chose Pathstream for its unique approach to online learning and the flexibility it offered, perfectly fitting into his busy schedule of working two jobs.

I was so lucky to find this program. All the courses are online and pre-recorded, but if I need help, I can contact the instructors or the success team. This flexibility allows me to start whenever I’m ready, enabling me to learn, develop my abilities, and focus on my education.


Overcoming challenges and securing a new job opportunity in big data

Balancing work, life, and education was a monumental challenge for Ayushkumar, especially when juggling roles as a Fulfillment Associate at Amazon and Sam’s Club. The Pathstream program’s flexibility proved to be a game-changer, allowing him to learn at his own pace and apply new skills as needed. This adaptability was crucial as he transitioned to a part-time Junior Data Analyst Role with Rapid Ops, a significant milestone resulting directly from the skills and confidence gained through the Data Analytics Certificate program. In this new role, Ayushkumar began utilizing his data analytics skills daily, marking a significant shift in his career trajectory.

I actively use my data analytics skills every day in my analyst role.

Pathstream didn’t just teach Ayushkumar how to use Tableau; it prepared him to embrace and quickly adapt to new tools like Power BI, enhancing his effectiveness and contribution to his new role.

Through the Amazon Career Choice program with Pathstream, I learned Tableau. However, upon joining Rapid Ops, I encountered Power BI. Fortunately, the foundational knowledge I gained from the program allowed me to learn quickly and adapt effectively.


Navigating career growth with support from Pathstream’s Career Coaches

Ayushkumar also worked with Career Services to map out his career goals and devise a plan to achieve them. 

I worked with the career coaches once or twice, but that was before I secured my job on a contract basis. I wasn’t sure if I needed to return to them at that time. However, they were instrumental in helping me refine my resume and LinkedIn profile. I plan to engage with them again as I look to find a full-time role.


Looking Ahead: Ambitions and Advice

Ayushkumar’s ambition doesn’t stop there. He is working with Pathstream’s career coaches to find a permanent, full-time position in the U.S. to better support his family and continue his career in Data Analytics. 

For those considering similar paths, Ayushkumar advises:

Anyone who came from another country and works at Amazon should take advantage of the Career Choice program. It’s an opportunity to further your education, gain new skills in your existing field or explore a new one, and ultimately pursue the career you aspire to in the U.S.

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