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Find out how participating in Amazon Career Choice helped Portland get a promotion.

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Find out how Caroline improved her bank’s Salesforce platform for better client support.

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Find out how Jody used upskilling to break barriers and get promoted.

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Find out how Chris leveraged Amazon’s Career Choice program to master Data Analytics.

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Find out how Molly used Agile methods to streamline processes at work.

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Find out how Anisha used education benefits to upskill and grow into a leader.

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Jody D.

Leveraging education benefits to build new project management skills

Jody Dixon's professional journey took a pivotal turn when she decided to capitalize on her employer's education benefits to enhance her skills in project management. She embarked on Pathstream's Asana Project Management Certificate course, a decision that aligned with her goal of climbing the career ladder and also fueled her ascent to the role of Assistant Director.

Planning her next career move

During a time of introspection amidst the pandemic, Jody conducted a thorough self-audit, identifying project management as a key area for career enhancement. She astutely utilized her organization's development funds to pursue the Pathstream certificate, a step that proved beneficial for her and her employer.

The power of education benefits and learning after work

Pathstream's online program provided Jody with a user-friendly platform, rich in engaging content and personalized support, crucial for her learning during the pandemic's remote work challenges. The program equipped her with a solid foundation in project management, which she seamlessly integrated into her role.
As her annual review approached, Jody leveraged the full suite of resources offered by Pathstream, including career coaching sessions and workshops. These resources proved invaluable, as they not only helped her refine her new skills but also empowered her to effectively communicate her achievements. This preparation and self-advocacy, backed by her new credentials, earned her a well-deserved promotion and salary increment.

“Education benefits are more than just a perk; they are a tool for building your worth within your company and in your career. With the guidance of Pathstream's coaches and their extensive resources, you're not just learning—you're growing, improving your performance, and demonstrating your value every day.”