Give every manager support to level up their skills

“We’re notorious for promoting really good agents without equipping them to succeed. Since the shift to remote, it’s only gotten worse.”

– Laura M | SVP, Customer Care Center

Developing effective people leaders

As the pace of change accelerates, the role of managers is becoming increasingly crucial. Pathstream upskills managers to give their people context, clarity, feedback, and support to bring out the best in their team.

Our dedicated 1:1 coaching for managers delivers personalized support that's second to none. 

Strengthen manager’s skills for effectively managing each associate – from designing impactful 1:1s to giving and receiving feedback to coaching high performance.

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Build manager’s capabilities to lead teams – from providing clear structure and expectations to fostering a culture of accountability to driving motivation through purpose and impact. 

Equip managers of remote teams to turn challenges into opportunity by adapting their strategies to succeed in a virtual context.

Associates thrive when they have their manager’s support. Equip your managers to have career conversations that motivate their teams to stay, engage, and grow with your company. 

Supervisors are stuck

We surveyed a group of senior business leaders in banking and insurance at Fortune 500 companies in order to learn about the key challenges their supervisors and employees face and how they plan to address those challenges.


of supervisors report inadequate support in managing remote or hybrid teams.


of leaders identify critical skills as the foremost deficiency in frontline staff.


increase in team productivity can be achieved with proper training of managers.

Driving financial & cultural success

When managers are supported, teams thrive

Jose P.

Whole Foods | Produce Supervisor

“Pathstream has shaped my leadership capabilities and given me a clear pathway to continuously develop the skills I’ve gained. I’ve been improving at setting expectations and using that to also help me give better, more helpful feedback. I see it improving the dynamics within my team and contributing to a more positive culture at work.”

Tameka L.

Regions Bank | Assistant Branch Manager

“I worked with Pathstream to refine my approach as a manager. This involved learning how to better identify issues and come up with solutions. I am much more invested in helping my team improve and seeing their impact.”

Christian S.

Fidelity | Team Lead, Call Center

“After working with Pathstream, I truly understood what being a manager means. I was promoted to being a manager, but there wasn’t any real ‘training’ about it, which is crazy now that I see what I was missing. Having the opportunity to learn and practice these skills in Pathstream and with my coach has made all the difference.”

Teams thrive, when leaders are supported

Ready to give your team the support they want?