Transforming management and productivity through continued education

As a dedicated team leader at a top U.S. Telecomm company, Marjorie Decker used Pathstream to improve her skills and, in turn, the productivity and performance of her team. This is her story of growth, team alignment, and success.


Revamping management skills through Pathstream’s Project Management Certificate

Marjorie manages a team of eight in the billing solutions design team. This role requires meticulous project management and a deep understanding of the company’s billing database to launch new products and pricing plans. Recognizing the parallel between her daily responsibilities and the skills offered in Pathstream’s Project Management Certificate, she saw an opportunity to elevate her managerial capabilities and learn the foundations of project management.



The Pathstream Experience: Flexibility, support, and real-world application

The flexibility and support offered by Pathstream were unparalleled. It allowed me to integrate learning into my busy schedule without compromising on my professional or personal commitments.

Her journey with Pathstream was self-led, accommodating her need for a flexible learning environment. This adaptability, combined with reminders and support from the Pathstream team, ensured she stayed on track, despite the hurdles of a demanding job and personal life.

One of the most significant outcomes of Marjorie’s learning journey was the immediate application of new skills in her work environment. “Understanding the nuances of project management has increased my patience with my project managers and enabled me to guide my team more effectively. I’m telling you, a light bulb went off in my brain after completing the first section,” she notes. The program enabled Marjorie to better communicate and collaborate with her team and project managers, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.


Boosting team performance 

The benefits of Marjorie’s educational pursuit extend beyond personal growth; it had a tangible impact on her team’s performance. “I’d estimate our productivity and performance improved by about 20%.” This boost can be attributed to a deeper understanding of project management principles, enabling more precise milestone achievements and a smoother project flow.

In her journey with Pathstream, Marjorie not only amplified her own skill set but also became a champion for her team’s development in project management. Marjorie explains, “I’ve emphasized to my team the value of understanding project management. Even if it’s not your career focus, these skills are invaluable in our daily work. We constantly collaborate with project managers, and grasping their processes enhances our teamwork and efficiency.” 


Beyond Skills: Building confidence and aligning with business goals

Marjorie’s story illustrates how targeted education can align personal growth with broader business objectives.“The program helped me become a better manager and lead a more high-performing team.” This alignment is critical in today’s fast-paced business environment, where efficiency, productivity, and continuous improvement are paramount.


The Role of employer support in professional development

Her employer’s full coverage of the certificate cost significantly contributed to Marjorie’s satisfaction and her decision to pursue further education. “It’s a testament to the company’s commitment to employee growth and development. I’ve been with the company for 27 years, and the education benefits have always been there. I’ve taken very specific classes on cable television. The expansion of the benefits drove me to think about how to build on my foundation and be ready for what’s next at my company,” she explains. This support fostered her loyalty and motivated her to explore additional pathways for professional advancement within the company.

Marjorie’s story doesn’t end here. Inspired by her achievements, she plans to continue leveraging education benefits to further her career and assist her team in professional development. “This experience through [my employer] has opened up numerous opportunities for me and my team to grow and excel within the company,” Marjorie shares.


Unlock similar results at your company

Discover the power of investing in your team with Pathstream, where we turn professional development into business success. Marjorie Decker’s story is a shining example of this. With our support, she transformed her management skills, leading her team to impressive productivity gains. 

Managers and teams love our program for its immediate impact and our coach’s ability to empower all associates to apply new skills swiftly and see tangible results. 

Pathstream’s blend of AI-driven learning and personalized coaching means your team can start making strides from day one. It’s a straightforward, plug-and-play solution that promises to align with your business objectives seamlessly.


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