Meet Azalea Sharma, a dispatcher at Charter whose role critically depends on strong communication. She organizes technicians’ schedules, ensuring they reach their appointments efficiently. Quick to address any sudden shifts or issues, Azalea keeps everything running smoothly by immediately updating customers in real-time and managing changes. Learn how Azalea is using her education benefits to improve her skills at work!

Seeking new project management skills for a dynamic role

Drawn to the Pathstream Project Management Certificate Program, Azalea sought to sharpen her skills for her demanding job and navigate the complexities of her position more effectively.

Understanding the change in processes would help me better understand my job role because I deal with that a lot. So I think I figured it would be good to have that in my skills and understanding tool belt.

A Tailored learning experience overcoming challenges

Despite learning disabilities, Azalea enrolled in the online program. Pathstream’s clear breakdown of information and supportive approach made it easier for her to complete the certificate program.

I liked the way the information was presented with Pathstream! I was very anxious approaching it because I have a few learning disabilities that make any type of formal learning really scary for me. Pathstream broke down that information in a way I could understand and process in little bits. And even if I didn’t initially understand the information presented, Pathstream always let me know that even though you might not understand it now, as we go along, you’re gonna understand it.

The practical labs, simulating real-world scenarios, enhanced her understanding of project management.

By the end of each section, everything that I had learned came together. The labs were very helpful because you were put into a lab where other project management professionals worked. This hands-on experience allowed me to directly apply what I learned, giving me a clear view of my future role as a project manager.


Improving job performance and streamlining workflow

Azalea found the project management certificate a game-changer in refining her organizational abilities. “It taught me how to methodically break down tasks, considering their financial elements and scope.

Rather than attempting to tackle everything simultaneously, Azalea now prioritizes tasks based on urgency and impact. This shift in approach has streamlined her workflow and made her more efficient.

Whenever I have to tackle things, sometimes at a fast pace, I know I don’t have to just knock it all out. The approaches I learned made me more effective in execution and deepened my understanding of managing our tasks.

Learning to collaborate and increasing productivity

Azalea also taught her to work more collaboratively with her colleagues.

I understand how to work better with my team. I’m not as overwhelmed. I prioritize what I need to do, and instead of trying to accomplish everything all at once, I can distribute work with coworkers to get things done quicker.

Gaining clarity in her role

Understanding the necessity of revisiting and refining work processes, she now views iterations as beneficial rather than frustrating.

My work always changes, and taking those changes personally is easy. It can be frustrating when projects shift direction or require revisiting previous tasks. However, I’ve realized that these iterations are crucial for the project’s success. Instead of feeling frustrated, I see the value in revisiting and refining our work. So, I’ve learned that iterations are not only necessary but also helpful in accomplishing whatever task you’re at.


Increased job satisfaction and future aspirations

Azalea’s experience with Pathstream has notably increased her satisfaction with her current employer, Charter Communications, and laid the groundwork for her future career aspirations.

The benefits have enhanced my job skills significantly, directly impacting my productivity. This experience has helped me build skills that open doors to new roles and level up within the company. So having this benefit has been not only helpful, but it encourages you to do more.

She’s even taken the initiative to speak to her manager and HR about where she wants to head.

They’ve already told me about my options regarding’ a day in the life’ and shadowing other employees in roles I’m interested in. So I’ve started the first steps of that process.

Azalea is now setting her sights on the fields of software and network engineering now that she has a solid foundation in Scrum and Agile methodologies, thanks to the program.

Reflecting on the value of education benefits

When asked whether she would have learned these new skills without the benefit of free education, Azalea shared her appreciation for the security it provides.

I think I’d be able to afford it, but with the economy and everything, it’s comforting to know I’m secure in my job and can pursue future growth.

Embracing growth and encouraging peers

Azalea encourages her colleagues to embrace learning opportunities, even those outside their comfort zones.

“Don’t be afraid to push yourself into areas that make you uncomfortable,” Azalea advises, emphasizing the importance of growth and learning in professional advancement.


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