Over the last 20 years, Salesforce has become the most popular CRM because of its vast product offerings and ability to adapt to the business needs of its customers. The demand for Salesforce experts has grown exponentially as more and more companies purchase and use the CRM platform. One of the most sought-after hires is the Salesforce Administrator. According to Burning Glass Technologies, demand for Salesforce Administrators is projected to grow 12.7% in the next 10 years. 

With over 150,000 companies looking to hire employees with Salesforce skills, knowing where to start looking can be intimidating. Our team compiled a list of four thriving sectors with high demand for Salesforce Administrators.

Industries with high demand for Salesforce Administrators 

The exact role of a Salesforce Admin will vary depending on the size of the company they work for and the industry they operate within, but most day-to-day tasks remain the same.

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Most companies hiring in the finance sector are banks, such as Capital One and UMB Bank. Within banks, you have the opportunity to work across different departments such as Human Resources, investments, AI, direct sales, or marketing. If you recently graduated from a certificate program, have customer service experience, and are looking for Salesforce job experience this could be an excellent industry for you. Banks currently have the highest demand for Salesforce Administrators. 

Finance Salesforce Salary

Public Administration

Government organizations use Salesforce to drive mission impact and build a more modern, digital public sector. Salesforce Administrators work with various Salesforce products in this field, from those designed to minimize IT threats to custom apps that deliver agency services faster. If you are interested in transitioning to a role in public administration and have Salesforce expertise, consider looking for opportunities with government contractors, defense agencies, or local administration.

Salesforce Public Admin Salary


Demand for Salesforce Administrators is high in the Information sector. These include publishing, telecom, broadcasting, data processing, and motion picture industries. Many of those industries are looking for administrators who have a vast knowledge of integrating and using apps to meet their diverse business needs.

Salesforce Salary Information


Software as a service (SaaS) allows users to connect to and use cloud-based apps over the Internet. SaaS solution companies use Salesforce to manage subscription revenue, lead nurturing and support. They need Salesforce Administrators to help them manage their platform. Since SaaS success is achieved through recurring revenue, administrators need to have some customer service experience because your day-to-day may involve customer interactions.

Salesforce Salary SaaS

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