Avaree Lipscomb: From level 1 Amazon Fulfillment Center Associate to Analytics Consultant at Wells Fargo

Avaree’s role at Amazon was on the fulfillment center’s tier 1, inbound side. Like many of his colleagues, Avaree was seeking a clear direction for his career, hoping to find a way to transition from the physical demands of the fulfillment center to a role that matched his interest in problem-solving and working with data. 

Before coming to Amazon, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in data, but I didn’t know what a data analyst or business analyst did.

Discovering Pathstream’s Data Analytics Certificate and connecting the dots

This search for clarity and a passion for data led Avaree to Pathstream’s Data Analytics Certificate. The program promised not just technical skills but a roadmap to a career that utilized data to make meaningful impacts.

When I found out that Amazon Career Choice offers Pathstream’s certificate for free to full-time employees, it was a no-brainer for me to enroll.

A Flexible schedule to work around demanding Amazon hours

With Pathstream’s program entirely online, Avaree reflected on how this led to him finishing the coursework while working full-time.

The online learning environment is great for working with your schedule while working over 40 hours per week. I could go back and watch the recordings whenever I wanted as long as I finished it before the due date.

Having taken a different program previously, this flexibility made the difference between finishing the program and fizzling out for Avaree.

I took a different program before and didn’t end up finishing. It was less flexible, and I was working full time, and I wasn’t able to get it all done; I was too overwhelmed. But Pathstream made it easy to do both.

The interactive labs also made a difference for him and helped put the learning material into practice.

Completing a lab after reading about the material was really helpful. Pathstream didn’t just teach me technical skills, like using SQL and Tableau; it showed me how to apply these in real-world scenarios, approach data with a critical eye, and present findings in a way that resonates with stakeholders.



Holistic Support: Leaning on Pathstream’s Career Services

Pathstream’s coaches were ready to jump in as soon as Avaree was ready to start looking for a new role. First, he wanted help with fine-tuning his resume and LinkedIn profile.

My coach did a great job on my resume by highlighting things I was good at, my applicable coursework, and updating my previous work experience. He also walked me through how to properly utilize LinkedIn, which helped me a lot.

And after his resume was in tip-top shape, interviews came quickly. As part of Pathstream’s career services, learners can work with expert coaches to practice interview skills and feel prepared. This was something Avaree found a lot of value in.

I wasn’t great at interviewing. I did a few mock interviews with my coach that helped me with the behavioral questions. I learned a method that helped me answer questions and organize my thoughts. He walked me through it step by step, and I know it helped me land my new job.

Stepping into a new role as an Analytics Consultant at Wells Fargo

With the help of Pathstream, Avaree is settling into his new role as an Analytics Consultant at Wells Fargo. With big long-term goals in mind, he’s excited to dive in and start using his new knowledge. 

The transition from the fulfillment center to analytics consulting might seem huge, but Pathstream bridged that gap. The program prepared me both technically and mentally for this new challenge.

Advice to other Amazon employees

Speaking to other Amazon employees, Avaree urges everyone to take advantage of this program.

You get one every year, and my best advice is to take it! It’s definitely worth it. My roommate went through a different program and he’s also in a new job thanks to his program. If you stick with it, you’ll find success.

Are you ready to explore Pathstream’s resources for yourself?

We’re here to help you find your version of success. We offer free certificate programs in partnership with Amazon Career Choice, all offered 100% online in a flexible learning environment. Along with learning the technical skills of your program, you’ll also get the incredible support of an individual career coach to help you improve your resume, apply for positions, gain confidence in your interviews, and so much more. You’ll have all the tools you need to succeed at no financial expense of your own.

Contact us if you want to learn more about Amazon’s Career Choice and how Pathstream can help you achieve your goals.


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