Salesforce certifications are more than just a fancy addition to your resume. They signal to the corporate and tech world that you’ve got what it takes. With nearly 150,000 companies, including giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Toyota, relying on Salesforce to keep their customers happy, the demand for skilled Salesforce admins is skyrocketing. Getting certified is how to prove your skills and take advantage of these growing opportunities.

Stay tuned as we embark on this comprehensive guide to navigating the path to Salesforce certification.

Table of Contents

-What is Salesforce?

-Benefits of being Salesforce certified?

What do you need to know about Salesforce Admin Certification?

-What are the prerequisites, and how do you prepare for the exam?

-What is the certification process like?

How do you maintain your newfound Salesforce expertise?

Career outlook and opportunities


What is Salesforce? 

Think of Salesforce as the Swiss Army knife for businesses regarding customer relations. It’s the tool they reach for to keep things smooth and sorted with their customer base. Salesforce is popular, and knowing how to use it can make you the go-to person in any business.

Evolution of Salesforce

Salesforce started as a simple tool to help sales teams keep up with their clients. But it has grown into a full-blown platform that handles everything from marketing to customer service. By understanding how Salesforce has changed, you’ll be better equipped to use its wide range of tools and maybe even predict what’s coming next.

Salesforce Ecosystem – An Overview

The Salesforce ecosystem is vast and continuously evolving. It encompasses an array of applications, integrations, and platform extensions — all residing on the Salesforce platform. Understanding the size and connections of this ecosystem is important for those wanting to be a certified Salesforce admin.

Learn everything about Salesforce, from the platform to pass the Certified Administrator exam to boost your career as a Salesforce professional.



Benefits of being Salesforce certified

Becoming a certified Salesforce admin is not just a title. It’s your entry ticket to a club of in-demand professionals. In fact, Salesforce Admins are among the most highly sought-after

This certification is a stamp of approval from Salesforce itself, proving you know your way around the Salesforce platform. It means you have the skills to handle the Sales Cloud and more, which makes you an asset to any team. 

But it’s not just about credibility; certified admins often see a significant boost in salary and career opportunities. They are often the first choice for promotions and leadership positions due to their recognized expertise.

How certification can enhance your career

Earning your Salesforce certification is like supercharging your career. It opens doors to roles previously out of reach and gives you the confidence to take on bigger, more complex projects. Having an administrator certification can make a big difference in getting a good or great job. Salesforce certification helps you prepare for the future by providing knowledge to adjust to changing technology.

Why do employers seek certified Salesforce Admins? 

Employers are on the hunt for certified Salesforce Admins because they come ready with a proven skill set. Companies know that a Salesforce-certified Administrator can use Salesforce efficiently. They also understand that the Administrator can maximize the potential of Salesforce. Additionally, they recognize that the Administrator can utilize the Sales Cloud to achieve success.

In a competitive market, businesses want certified professionals to help them succeed and are willing to invest in them.


Employers looking for salesforce admin


Salesforce Admin Certification: What you need to know

Salesforce Admin Certification Overview

The Salesforce Certified Administrator exam is your rite of passage into the world of Salesforce experts. It checks your understanding of the platform, ability to handle users, and expertise in setting up and maintaining a Salesforce environment. This test covers a wide range of functions, from simple to complicated settings, making sure you have a well-rounded expertise.

Different paths to Salesforce certification

There’s more than one way to become Salesforce certified. Whether you’re starting fresh or looking to build on existing skills, there’s a path for you. You can learn online, in person, or through internships and volunteering. Each path prepares you for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam and gives you practical knowledge to succeed.

Understanding the Salesforce Admin role

To truly excel in the Salesforce certified administrator exam, you must grasp what a Salesforce admin does daily. Salesforce admins are the problem solvers and the go-to tech whizzes who keep the Salesforce engine running smoothly. 

They customize the platform to fit their company’s needs, train users, and stay on top of new features and updates. Understanding this role inside out is crucial for acing the exam and thriving in your career.


Prerequisites and preparation

Before becoming a certified Salesforce admin, let’s discuss prerequisites and preparation. While there’s no formal education requirement, having a good grasp of the basics—like the Salesforce platform and how businesses use it—is essential. 

Preparing for the exam means getting hands-on experience, studying the Salesforce ecosystem, and learning from those already aced it. With the right tools and commitment, you can easily become ‘Salesforce Certified’ and enhance your professional profile.

Study materials and resources

The right study materials can make all the difference in your preparation journey. Here’s where to focus your energy:

  1. Official Salesforce training materials
  2. Recommended online courses
  3. Tips for effective study and preparation 


Official Salesforce training materials

Salesforce offers a wealth of official training materials, including comprehensive guides, detailed documentation, and interactive Trailhead modules. These resources are tailored to cover every topic you’ll encounter on the exam. They’re always up-to-date with the latest Salesforce updates and best practices.

Recommended online courses – Pathstream

For a structured but flexible learning path, consider online certificate programs. Pathstream is specifically created for people who are new to Salesforce. The goal is to help them learn and establish a solid foundation of knowledge. Pathstream’s courses use interactive content and real-world scenarios to prepare you for certification and job challenges.

Tips for effective study and preparation

Studying for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam is no small feat, but with the right approach, it’s entirely achievable. Create a study schedule that aligns with your learning pace, and don’t rush it.

Some online certificate programs offer support to help you concentrate on learning and prepare for the exam. This support includes practice tests, guides, and other resources. They also show you how to use CRM platforms properly.

Practice with real Salesforce environments through Trailhead or a developer org, and join study groups to collaborate with peers. Most importantly, take mock exams to familiarize yourself with the question format and time constraints.



The Certification process

What does the exam entail?

The Salesforce Certified Administrator exam is a 60-multiple-choice question test that you have 105 minutes to complete. The exam covers various topics, from basic navigation and functionality to advanced features and customization. You’ll need a passing score of 65%, which means getting at least 39 questions correct.


Salesforce Admin Exam registration and fees

You can register for the exam through the Salesforce website, where you’ll sign up for a test date and pay the fee. As of the last update, the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam fee is USD 200, plus any applicable taxes.

If you don’t pass on your first try, the retake fee is USD 100, not quite as much, but still a reason to prepare well the first time. If you opt to enroll in an online certificate program, like Pathstream’s, we provide vouchers to cover the cost of the exam.

Choosing between on-site and online exam options:

Salesforce offers flexibility with on-site and online proctored exams. If you thrive in a controlled environment and can travel to a testing center, the on-site option might be for you. 

But if you prefer the comfort of your own space, the online proctored exam is incredibly convenient. Both formats have strict identification and security protocols to ensure the integrity of the certification process. Choose the option that aligns with your test-taking preferences and set yourself up for success.


After the Exam

Congratulations, you’ve passed the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam! So, what’s next? First off, celebrate your achievement — you’ve earned it. 

Then, get ready to put your skills to work. This certification is a key that can unlock many doors in your career. Add your new credentials to your LinkedIn profile, resume, and other professional networks to showcase your expertise. 

Some online certificate programs offer job support and career guidance on landing a Salesforce Admin. At Pathstream, 93% of students who opt into career services achieve their goals within nine months. 

Keeping your certification current

Salesforce continually evolves, and to keep your certification current, so must you. Salesforce requires administrators to complete ongoing learning paths and exams with each release cycle, typically thrice a year. 

These maintenance modules ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest Salesforce features and best practices. Remember, staying certified is as important as getting certified. It shows employers that you’re committed to professional development and high knowledge standards.

Career outlook and opportunities

Job Market for certified Salesforce Admins

The job market for Salesforce admins is robust and growing. Research firms predict approximately 9.3 million new Salesforce jobs will be by 2026. Companies across industries seek talented individuals who can navigate the Salesforce platform to improve business operations. 

As a certified admin, you’re not just a candidate; you’re the candidate they’re searching for. Companies need more Salesforce admins; experts think this will continue as Salesforce grows.

Average salaries and growth potential

Various factors influence a Salesforce Administrator’s salary, but Burning Glass Technologies estimates they earn around $84K annually. High earners make over $94K annually, while even the lowest 10% of Salesforce Admins earn almost $70K annually. 

Real-life success stories

Meet Hillary Fenton: From Healthcare to Salesforce Support Specialist



Hillary’s journey is one of determination and strategic upskilling. Transitioning from healthcare to a Salesforce role at Calix, she sought a career that offered flexibility and room for growth. Pathstream’s Salesforce Administrator Certificate Program was the perfect springboard for her career change. 

With its hands-on approach, Hillary gained the practical experience she needed. “The Pathstream curriculum is very hands-on and project-based. So you get that real-world experience you need to hone your Salesforce skills,” Hillary said. 

She used the Pathstream community to create a study group that became a helpful support system for her. They assisted her with job offers and salary negotiations.

Hillary’s experience proves that individuals can achieve a successful career in Salesforce by combining proper education and the trailblazer community. This highlights the importance of making strategic moves in this field. Read more of her story here. 

Cassandra Laforce: Embracing Salesforce Skills for Career Advancement at Hilton



Cassandra, a guest assistance specialist at Hilton Worldwide, saw an opportunity for growth when her company adopted Salesforce. Utilizing Hilton’s education benefits, she enrolled in Pathstream’s Sales Operations Manager Certificate with Salesforce

The program’s flexibility allowed her to balance learning with her responsibilities as a mother. “Using Trailhead to complete tasks from start to finish was refreshing. I got to use the platform we use at work,” Cassandra recalls. 

Her newfound skills have boosted her confidence and made her daily tasks more efficient, proving that comprehensive training can enhance job performance. Cassandra is now set on continuing her Salesforce education, aiming to earn more certifications and grow within Hilton. 

She’s grateful for her employer’s support in employee growth and encourages others to take advantage of such opportunities. “Pathstream was accommodating and patient,” she shares, highlighting the value of a supportive learning environment. Read her story here.


Kick-start your learning journey with Pathstream

As we’ve outlined, becoming a Salesforce certified admin is a strategic path lined with many resources and community support, notably through Pathstream’s Salesforce Administrator Career Certificate Program. Remember, your journey will take you from exploring the Salesforce platform to acing the certification exam and beyond—into a world of continuous learning and career advancement.

Take that decisive step towards transforming your professional life. With Pathstream, you’ll prepare to pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam and position yourself for real-world success. Ready to get started? Learn more here.


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