As a guest assistance specialist at Hilton Worldwide, Cassandra Laforce navigates a complex set of responsibilities daily. She’s an integral part of the Hilton ecosystem and handles varying tasks from customer dispute resolution to payment processing. 

Yet, When Hilton rolled out Salesforce as its new CRM, Cassandra was intent on learning more about how the new system worked. 

“My employer [Hilton Worldwide] introduced Salesforce as its CRM platform. When I realized that the platform was also huge in the hospitality industry, it felt natural for me to want to learn more and apply it to my list of skills.” explains Cassandra.

Cassandra recognized that obtaining a Salesforce certification could significantly boost her skills and add value to her role. She also knew that she needed to be proficient in Salesforce to perform her job effectively and gain an understanding of the new platform that was still a bit new to everyone. This prompted her to look into additional training opportunities.


Discovering the Sales Operations Manager Certificate with Salesforce

Cassandra’s determination to improve her Salesforce skills quickly led her to look into the education opportunities her employer provided. 

“My employer provided an education benefit program and sent an email about available programs,” shared Cassandra. ” Pathstream’s Sales Operations Manager Certificate with Salesforce immediately caught my attention.”

She found the enrollment process easy and decided to utilize the educational benefits provided by Hilton Worldwide to apply for the Sales Operations Manager Certificate



Building confidence and gaining new Salesforce skills

The program was a great experience for Cassandra. Despite being a busy mom of two, she was able to work at her own pace. Her favorite part of the program was getting hands-on experience with Salesforce using Trailhead.

What made the Pathstream program unique and highly effective for Cassandra was its emphasis on project-based learning, which actively engaged her in real-world scenarios, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving in a way other programs don’t.

“Being introduced to the actual CRM platform and being able to use Trailhead to complete significant tasks from start to finish was refreshing,” she recalls. “There was a lot of  activity in an environment called ‘the [Trailhead] Playground.’ I was able to apply and improve my Salesforce skills directly in the Playground.”

Through Pathstream’s program, she acquired essential Salesforce skills, which provided her with a new perspective on her current role. “It helped me understand how the back end of the system worked. I also learned the administrative roles as well. 


Leveraging new skills at work

Cassandra gained a comprehensive understanding of Salesforce’s functionality and how it could be applied to optimize business processes. 

Cassandra believes her new skills have improved her productivity at work. She explains, “I feel like I have a whole new understanding of the system [Salesforce]. I can navigate my work easily, and troubleshooting is no longer challenging.”

When asked how the program has helped her build her confidence, she explained how it helped her feel more empowered and comfortable working in Salesforce. 

“In the past, I manually went in to put compensation through and would find myself a little stuck because it was all new to me. Now, I understand the process of how it all works. When I stumble into any issues, I am able to pin point ways to still work around them. There are so many ways I can apply what I’ve learned. It has been a great experience!”


Exploring future Salesforce opportunities at Hilton

The impact of Pathstream’s Sales Operations Manager Certificate with Salesforce extends beyond her current role. Cassandra feels better positioned for advanced learning opportunities and is hopeful to attain more hands-on experience within the company. 

“My goal is to continue growing at Hilton Worldwide. While focusing on my current responsibilities, I keep an eye out for any learning opportunities involving Salesforce. I’m eager to apply and plan to earn more Salesforce certifications. I can’t wait for it to all come together and to achieve my ultimate career goal.”

Not to mention, the learning experience has only added to her already high job satisfaction. Education benefits provided by Hilton Worldwide, like Pathstream’s program, have emphasized how important it is to have an employer who invests in the growth of its employees.  

“Previously, I didn’t emphasize employee education benefits when choosing or staying with an employer. However, after completing Pathstream’s program, my perspective has changed. I appreciate my employer for offering the opportunity to learn during my free time. While I’ve always loved the company I worked for, their dedication to employee growth has only strengthened my opinion of them.”

The program has also influenced her to pursue further education.

“I would like to share that [Pathstream] has positively impacted me. This experience has encouraged me to look into getting certified as a Salesforce Administrator and later finishing up my final year at college to obtain my bachelors degree, which I put off because it seemed like I would not be able to find the time to complete the work with every other role I have to fulfill on a daily basis.  The program is truly amazing.”


Cassandra’s final advice to coworkers

With newfound confidence and a certificate that boosts her expansive skillset, Cassandra is fulfilling her current responsibilities more efficiently. She also encourages other coworkers or professionals with access to education benefits to consider taking advantage of them.

“Even if you’re unsure, just do it. Pathstream was accommodating and patient. They gave me a lot of resources to be successful. If I had an approaching deadline, they would reach out to check in and offer additional resources if needed. You don’t usually get that from other programs. I felt pushed to succeed.”



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