From Trucking Setback to Career Comeback: Nehemiah’s Success with Amazon Career Choice

Nehemiah started working at Amazon to supplement his income when his trucking dispatching company took an economic hit in 2022. After just a few months, he decided to take advantage of Amazon’s education benefits by enrolling in Pathstream’s Sales Operations Certificate Program.

Deciding on Pathstream

With multiple career pathways to choose from, one aspect of Pathstream’s offer stood out from the rest. The career coaching and support were an additional benefit to the coursework that Nehemiah found very valuable, ultimately leading him to choose the Pathstream course.

“I saw that they offered the coaching after the coursework was done. It interested me a lot because I always look for ways to excel. I didn’t see much of that support in the other platforms offered.”

The Excitement of learning something new

With tuition covered and his application for Pathstream approved, Nehemiah was eager for his courses to start. He found the platform easy to navigate and the hands-on lab work particularly exciting.

“I’m always excited to learn something new! I had to wait a few weeks but was anticipating the start date. When I got into the program, it was easy to navigate, and everything went really well.”

Even though the platform was easy to navigate and Nehemiah finds learning new skills exciting, it’s not to say he didn’t find some aspects of the course more challenging.

“One lab was more difficult to understand, but the instructors were there to help, and I completed it. It just made me that much more dedicated to finishing. This is important because I took other programs and couldn’t finish them.”

Utilizing career coaches to level up on LinkedIn

After finishing the coursework, Nehemiah took advantage of Pathstream’s career services support. His coach, Claire, guided him through today’s open job market and helped him prepare to start applying for new roles.

“My career coach, Claire, has been really great. She helped me update my resume and made it really easy. Resume updates aren’t the easiest when applying for different roles, but she’s been great. It’s been a great feature with Pathstream.”

Looking Ahead

After completing the coursework, Nehemiah got right to work utilizing his new skills with spreadsheets in his trucking dispatching company. He also has his sights set on applying for new roles and is eager to see what he can achieve in the near future.

While considering new opportunities, Nehemiah shared that he now pays close attention to education benefits when considering a position.

“Education benefits are always a plus for me. When I look back years ago, it was never an option for me to go back to school. So to have this type of training offered by a Amazon is a big plus. You never know when you’ll need more education.”

Advice to other Amazon Employees

Nehemiah’s passion for learning and growth is truly inspiring. When asked what his advice would be to other Amazon employees considering enrolling in an education program, he responded with words of encouragement.

“Definitely take the opportunity if you’re interested in learning and getting the support you need. I got that support, which keeps me confident and wanting to excel. Go for it, don’t think about it. Take the opportunity to grow.”

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