Lwam Eyassu – Advancing with Data Analytics and Agile Leadership

Lwam Eyassu, a former Client Services Administrator at Fidelity, transformed her career through the Data Analytics and Agile Leadership certificate program offered by Pathstream. With Fidelity covering the cost, Lwam gained essential skills that led to a promotion to Risk Analyst, allowing her to achieve both professional growth and personal balance.


Lwam’s journey from CX to Analytics 

Initially, Lwam’s role involved managing inbound phone calls, addressing client concerns about 401(k) contributions, and resolving issues. This routine, though critical, lacked the flexibility she desired as a new mother. After completing the Pathstream program, Lwam transitioned to a more flexible, project-based role as a Risk Analyst, testing user-developed applications (UDAs) and ensuring their accuracy.

“My first role was strictly inbound phone calls, putting out fires for our clients. As a result of my promotion, I’m a Risk Analyst; my work is project-based and involves testing and validating Excel workbooks used by business units.”


What motivated Lwam to choose Data Analytics? 

Balancing the responsibilities of being a new mom with career aspirations, Lwam sought a role that offered more flexibility and better pay. The Pathstream program allowed her to enhance her skills while accommodating her family responsibilities.

“I wanted more flexibility and a higher salary to support my family. The program allowed me to spend more time with my daughter, making our lives easier.”

Experience with Pathstream

Lwam found the Pathstream program to be exceptionally supportive and well-structured. The instructors were available almost weekly, ensuring that she never felt isolated in her learning journey.

“The support from instructors was amazing. They helped me think through problems without just giving me the answers, improving my problem-solving abilities. This level of support was important to me because I had just become a new mom, worked full-time, and was taking the Data program.”

Her favorite part of the program was the hands-on projects, particularly those involving SQL and Excel, which were directly applicable to her new role.

“Learning SQL was made easy by the way the program was structured. I learned the content, practiced in labs, and then I could apply what I learned directly to my job.”

Support and Resources

Lwam extensively used office hours and the support of instructors, which helped her stay on track and manage the coursework effectively.

“I used office hours bi-weekly. The continuous support was crucial, especially during the challenging parts of the course.”


Getting promoted at Fidelity 

During the program, Lwam took the advice of coaches and prioritized networking within Fidelity. By connecting with mentors and showcasing her dedication to learning, she positioned herself as a strong candidate for the risk analyst role.

“Networking and the program helped me get noticed by leadership. I applied for the Risk Analyst position and was recommended by someone on the interview panel who knew about my dedication.”

Applying new skills at work

The skills Lwam acquired from the Pathstream program were pivotal in her new role. She utilizes her knowledge of Excel and SQL to validate and test the UDAs used by business units, ensuring their accuracy and reliability.

“Excel had the biggest impact on my work. The program taught me how to modify, clean, and extract data efficiently, which is essential in my current role.”

Impact on career satisfaction

The education benefits provided by Fidelity, coupled with the Pathstream program, significantly boosted Lwam’s job satisfaction. She felt valued and supported by her employer, reinforcing her commitment to the company.

“My company invests in our growth. It feels great to work for an employer that values and supports our careers.”

Advice for Coworkers

Lwam encourages her colleagues to take full advantage of the educational benefits offered by Fidelity and Pathstream, emphasizing the importance of commitment and utilizing available resources.

“Commit fully to the program and use the resources available. No one starts as an expert, but you can achieve your goals with dedication and time management.”

Start your journey towards career growth with the right support 

Lwam Eyassu’s journey shows that career growth is within reach with the right support and resources. Through the Data Analytics and Agile Leadership certificate program, she advanced her career and improved her work-life balance. Discover how to unlock your potential and transform your career with Pathstream’s certificate programs. Find out if your employer covers the cost of our programs. 



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