Digital marketing is an exciting and ever-evolving field that offers growth potential. What career path makes the most sense for those looking to level up to a more senior role? 

This guide will share common digital marketing career paths and corresponding salaries. If you want to dive into entry-level digital marketing career paths, check out this previous blog post

What are common mid-level digital marketing career paths?

In a mid-level digital marketing career, you will be expected to understand your business’s strategic needs and goals to translate them to your team. You’ll go from assisting on projects to leading them. Depending on the company, you can spend anywhere from two to eight years at this level. 

Common examples of mid-level digital marketing positions:

Digital Marketing Manager

You will not only need to know the latest marketing strategies and tools, but you will also be responsible for implementing them in your organization. Expect to run digital marketing campaigns from conception to execution and deliver reports with results. 

Content Marketing Manager

You will be responsible for planning, developing, and implementing your company’s content strategy. This will require you to manage online and offline content creation and production. You must also be creative and develop unique ideas that will set your brand apart. 

Communications/Public Relations Manager

You will be expected to create and maintain a positive public image for companies, individuals, groups, or organizations. In this role, you will be responsible for developing a strategy that meets your company’s or client’s business goals. You will develop social media strategies, organize interviews, and oversee media releases to help shape public perception. 

Social Media Manager

You’ll manage an organization’s online presence by developing a strategy, producing good content, analyzing data, and managing social media campaigns. 

Omni Channel Marketing Manager

You will be expected to own, drive and manage the developed strategy and roadmap for growing revenue within omnichannel assets. This role oversees the integration and cooperation of all channels (brick-and-mortar, social, and online) used to interact with customers to create a cohesive brand experience.  

Lifecycle Marketing Manager

This marketing manager owns the customer journey development, choosing how to define specific landmarks in the journey, overcome challenges and execute programs that engage more with customers to increase revenue and retention.

Product Marketing Manager

In this role, you’ll be required to work with marketing, sales, and product teams to develop and execute a marketing strategy for specific products. To move into this role, you should know a bit about every department you’ll be working with in order to best communicate the values of products to customers. 

How to prepare for a mid-level marketing position?

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