There’s no escaping the fact that the prospect of leaving school and not having a job lined up can be scary. Students always question if their education will translate to employment. Antonio Villagomez, a computer science undergraduate, felt anxiety creep in as his last semester approached. 

Finding an internship can be difficult without guidance, but looking for one during a pandemic while employed in healthcare is a unique challenge. Opportunities were scarce, but Antonio wasn’t one to give up easily. He knew trying to land a job without work experience or the right digital skills weren’t possible, so he began researching when he came across NYU’s Tableau Data Analytics Certificate in partnership with Pathstream. 

Antonio was always fascinated by the field of data analytics and the power it has to drive change. As a nursing assistant in a level two trauma center, he saw firsthand how data influenced new policies and procedures. Data science was a field filled with employment opportunities and potential for growth. He also knew learning skills through an internship or attempting to tack on a minor in data science wasn’t realistic for him at this stage, so he decided to fast-track his career growth in data analytics

“Pathstream showed me that there was a way to get into data analytics without having to redo your degree. It was a breath of fresh air knowing that there’s another way to enter the field without pursuing a Ph.D.”

Drawn to the program curriculum because it taught various data analysis tools such as SQL and Tableau, Antonio decided to enroll in 2020. After starting the courses, he realized he was going through two online learning experiences simultaneously: one powered through Pathstream and one offered through his college. He instantly noticed vast differences between the two and appreciated that the Pathstream Tableau course directly dove into the details, keeping him engaged every step of the way. 

“I appreciated this program so much because my biggest fear was that I was going to throw money into this and I did that once, but couldn’t finish that course on time. With Pathstream, the workload was manageable and if you’re going to school full-time, like me, it can be done.” 

While enrolled, Antonio also found his instructor supportive and present. The instructor gave students access to many learning resources that weren’t even available to Antonio through his college. He was always able to get a hold of his instructor and found his industry experience impressive. 

“We would listen to a lecture and then during our labs, the instructor would review important pieces of information again, making sure we understood.” 

Antonio also used career services as a resource and found his career coach instrumental in his career development. 

“I didn’t know what to expect of career services. I remember the first day I met my career coach. She was very approachable and relatable. The team stayed with me until I got the job, helping me with mock interviews and improving my resume. My coach showed me that I had the skills and taught me how to market myself. I don’t think I would have gotten a job without the service.”

Antonio landed his dream job a few months after completing the program and is now a data analyst for Delta Airlines.

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