After moving to the U.S., Oscar used Amazon’s Career Choice benefits to restart his career.

Oscar moved to the United States from Colombia to build a career. With his background in industrial engineering, he knew he was interested in a career that used the analytical part of his brain. 

He got a job as a process assistant in an Amazon warehouse. He applied for several analytics roles but wasn’t progressing because he didn’t have experience doing the types of analysis or using the platforms employers were expecting; SQL and Tableau were two that kept coming up. 

Filling the Skills Gap: Discovering Pathstream’s Tableau Data Analytics Program 

That’s when he started looking for educational opportunities to fill this gap. Through Amazon’s Career Choice Program, Oscar found Pathstream’s Tableau Data Analytics program

“I enrolled in the program knowing it would require sacrifices. I was working the second shift 40 hours a week. Of course, I wanted to sleep more, but I knew this program would equip me with the right technical skills and help me pivot to a career in data.” 

His determination to succeed helped him overcome the challenging parts of the program. He was motivated by the fact that he would have more opportunities to work in data analytics, a field he was passionate about. 

“What stood out was how the program was structured to help prepare you for data analyst roles. I learned the fundamentals of analytics, building a strong foundation in concept. Then the labs allowed me to practice the knowledge I gained. The assignments were very important because they helped me refine my technical skills.”

Flexibility and Problem-Solving: The Advantages of Online Learning 

Pathstream’s Tableau Data Analytics program is delivered 100% online with no fixed class times. Oscar found this to be one of the program’s unique benefits for busy professionals. 

“The program was online, so it lets you set your own schedule, which was important for me. What was also critical to my success was that I am a problem solver and took advantage of any resources available to troubleshoot issues. If I had an issue with different coding languages, I knew Pathstream could help me find a solution promptly.” 

Beyond Knowledge: Pathstream’s Comprehensive Career Pathing Support 

“The way Pathstream sets up each stage of the program is helpful. First, they equip you with the knowledge and skills to do the job. Then, they give you resources to present yourself.” 

Oscar worked closely with Career Services to map out his career goals and rebrand professionally. 

“Career Services was the best part of the package. They helped me improve my resume to highlight relevant work experience and showcase my new data analysis skills. Then they reviewed my LinkedIn and showed me how to market myself as a data analyst. This is one resource I highly recommend to Pathstream students.”

The Payoff: A New Role as a Data Analyst at PNC Bank 

Oscar’s hard work and effort paid off; he landed a job as a data analyst in the global transfers department of PNC Bank. 

“I work in Tableau all day. Working will always be a little different [than learning], but when you have the right skills and know-how to approach projects, you can do your job well. I am grateful to Pathstream for this.” 

Oscar’s Advice to Fellow Busy Professionals 

“Companies are always looking for employees equipped to work with new technologies and software. If you want to explore different job opportunities at work and build a better future, develop your tech skills. Use your education benefits to take a Pathstream certificate program. The program will improve your employability.”

Pathstream’s programs are included in Amazon’s Career Pathways for associates seeking new career paths. Amazon’s Career Choice programs offer education and job training for in-demand fields at Amazon or elsewhere.


Are you ready to build a future at Amazon with Pathstream’s help?

Did Oscar’s story inspire you to pursue a career in data analytics? Pathstream can help. We offer a six-month Tableau Data Analytics Certificate that you can complete online. The course is divided into 27 weeks of instruction so you can easily navigate the assigned material. It even teaches you Tableau, Python, and SQL in the process!

In addition, our courses include ongoing career guidance so that you have all the tools you need to succeed. We assist our graduates with job placement by connecting our alumni with employers looking for candidates.

Contact us today if you’re interested in determining eligibility for The Data Analytics Certificate through Amazon’s Career Choice! Or sign-up here, and we’ll reach out.


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