Using Amazon’s Career Choice Program, Chris learned the skills to become a successful Data Analyst

Chris Nyarwaya graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Mathematics and a concentration in Statistics before moving back to Rwanda to work in tax consultancy for PwC. After working there for three years, Chris returned to the U.S. but wanted to transition into a different industry.

Chris took some online courses, researched possible careers, and decided to explore a career in data. At the time, Chris worked for Amazon and found The Data Analytics Certificate through the Career Choice program.

Pathstream’s programs are included in Amazon’s Career Pathways for associates seeking new career paths. Career Choice programs like ours include education and job training for in-demand fields at Amazon or elsewhere.

“The first year back was tough, it was the pandemic, and I was working a job to pay my bills. It wasn’t the career I wanted, and then I found Pathstream. Unlike other online programs, it provided me with more structure and different types of support such as an instructor to give me feedback on assignments.”

Chris enrolled in The Data Analytics Certificate Program through his employer’s education benefits. Pathstream’s 27-week online program teaches you skills for in-demand data analytics roles through hands-on projects.

“I love the way the program is structured. It’s broken down into concise lectures, small labs, and final projects. The lectures were just the right length and taught you the concepts you needed to know. The labs helped build my confidence that I understood the material. The projects focused on exploratory data analysis and honing the skills you need to become a data analyst.”

Unlike other online programs, Pathstream’s Tableau Data Analytics certificate allows students to engage with instructors and career coaches. 

“In college, my biggest regret was not going to office hours. During the program, I went to weekly office hours, got to know the teacher assistant and my career coach, and asked any questions I had about the material. I also used the online forum where students post questions if I needed to troubleshoot any issues.” 

Chris also appreciated the support he received outside his course.

“As far as accountability, I received these weekly text reminders from my success coach to remind me of deadlines. At first, I thought it was a robot, but I needed something one day, and Anthony replied. That’s the type of accountability you need during this program, someone real.”

Chris is a highly motivated and driven individual. He worked 40 plus hours a week and was able to complete the program by prioritizing his career goal.

“After completing my first exploratory data analysis, I knew this program would require commitment. I decided to reduce my hours at work because sacrificing a little now would be worth it when I achieved my goal. I focused on completing one course at a time successfully. It became easy to finish with that mindset, and 27 weeks flew by. It all paid off.”


Before completing the program, Chris began to work with a career coach to better position himself for the job market. He was concerned about an employment gap and interviewing. He sought career guidance through the complimentary Career Services offered by Pathstream.

“Looking for a job was overwhelming at first because I hadn’t applied to a new job in five years. My career coach and I started from scratch by crafting a new resume, improving my LinkedIn to get recruiters’ attention, and coming up with my elevator pitch. I also took advantage of mock interviews to prepare myself for the real ones. After all of this work, I felt confident and ready to succeed.”  

Data analysts may also be required to pass a technical test or technical interview

“I passed technical interviews with flying colors because I had the data analyst skills, such as SQL or Tableau, which I learned from the program.” 

Four months after graduating, Chris is a data analyst at Arcadia, a tech company empowering energy innovators and consumers to fight the climate crisis.

Chris also provided two final pieces of advice for future Pathstream students:

“Pathstream is a great choice if you want to take your career to the next level. Pathstream has the best team. They are dedicated and will help you land the job you want and increase your salary. Remember, they have endless resources for you to take advantage of, such as partnerships with employers and staffing agencies or curated newsletters with job opportunities. They are also caring, nothing felt transactional, and I will be forever grateful to them.”

“To the students enrolled right now: Trust the process. You are enrolled in a great program designed for you to succeed. Take it a day at a time, and the next thing you know, 27 weeks will be over. When applying to jobs, maximize all your resources because it helps build your confidence and get you the job you want.”

Ready to start your career as a data analyst?

In the Pathstream Tableau Data Analytics Certificate program, you will learn to understand, visualize, and analyze raw data sets. This 27-week certificate program is 100% online and built for busy professionals who want a personalized yet flexible approach to career development. You’ll also enjoy personalized career support with advisors to identify skills you already have and work through a curriculum to strengthen new skills. 

Do you work for Amazon? You might be eligible for the Data Analytics Certificate through Career Choice. Contact us to speak to an enrollment advisor to determine your eligibility, or sign up here

If you don’t have a degree in data, don’t worry. Many data analysts took certificate programs to master tools like Tableau and SQL. 

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