From IT Consultant to Agile Enthusiast: Zita Aguwa’s Agile skill-building journey with Pathstream

Zita has a technical background in IT and currently works in the electronic banking sector, where she works with customers and internal partners to resolve issues and provide resources. In this role, as well as in previous roles, she’s worked to improve processes and manage teams, which is where her real passion lies. 


Finding a clear career path

When she learned that her employer offers to cover the entire cost of skills-building certificates upfront, she jumped at the opportunity to enroll in the Business Analytics and Operations Certificate. Taking the certificate would solidify her skills and support her career goals of becoming a Scrum Master or Agile Project Manager.

“I have a passion for managing teams and I also have an IT background in software development. I’ve been considering moving my career towards becoming a Scrum Master or an Agile Project Manager and the program falls in line with both of those career goals. I just needed a clear path to get there.”


Comparing Pathstream’s Project Management courses vs. Google’s Project Management course

Having completed a Google’s Project Management course, she reflected that she learned more in Pathstream’s course with the hands-on lab experience provided.

“I learned more in the two courses on project management covered in the Pathstream program (compared to Google’s course) because of the hands-on experience. It provides practical, real-world projects and lets you practice what you’ll actually be doing.”

Pathstream’s course gave her clear expectations of what would be expected of her in an Agile Project Management role and prepared her with the necessary skills to succeed.

“The course clarified what’s expected from an Agile Project Manager. I know you learn a lot being in the actual role, but it really drives home what Agile Project Management is all about, what’s expected from that role, and prepares you with the skills you need to be ready for that job.”


Utilizing new skills and assessing growth opportunities

Zita has already been able to use her new skills to manage her work better, manage customer expectations, as well as manage her expectations from her employer. 

“I’ve learned how to handle challenges better, how to relate to stakeholders and colleagues better, and how to effectively manage teams.”

She’s also excited about clearly understanding what to look for when searching for her next role. Not only did she gain increased clarity, but she also reflected on how her confidence levels have been improved.

“It’s also helped direct me towards what I should be looking for when I start looking for job opportunities. When the opportunity presents itself, I’ll have the confidence that I can successfully handle that position “


Improved job satisfaction

Since taking advantage of the program, Zita’s job satisfaction and appreciation have increased.

“I feel that it’s a great privilege. My employer has given me the opportunity to build my career, develop myself, and gain experience and skills that will not only help me at my organization, but also [in every day life]. The program has also increased my appreciation of my current job and what I bring to the table.”

The return on investment isn’t just seen on the employee side but the employer side as well.

“Employees play a key role in any organization. The knowledge helps the employees do their job well. The opportunity provides a chance to improve your career work and increase your fulfillment and satisfaction in your job. It makes you feel better to grow in and out of your work.”


All gain, no loss

Zita’s advice to anyone who can take advantage of these benefits is to take it.

“Take advantage of the opportunity while it’s open. Take all the opportunities the company offers; there’s no loss, gain.”

Ready to take Zita’s advice? Explore Pathstream’s programs and discover your possible career growth opportunities.


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