Amazon employee lands a remote job with better hours with Career Choice Program and Pathstream 

Yaimara Reid Hechavarria, an Amazon employee, knew it was time to take charge of her career and strive for a better work-life balance that suited her growing family. 

“As a working mom with two young kids under five, I needed a remote opportunity that allowed me to grow my career while maintaining a better schedule,” Yaimara shared.

At the time, Yaimara was a process assistant at an Amazon fulfillment center in Miami, and her demanding shifts made it hard to spend quality time with her loved ones. Deciding to take control of her circumstances, Yaimara explored Amazon’s Career Choice Program. She recognized that the program offered a variety of programs that could teach her the Sales or tech skills she needed to transition into a role with improved hours—ultimately fostering a positive change for herself and her loved ones.

Yaimara found and enrolled in the Sales Operations Certificate Program by searching Pathstream using the AtoZ portal school search tool. 


Why Sales Operations was the ideal career path for growth and work-life balance  

“The Sales Operations Certificate and the support I received from Pathstream’s career services played a crucial role in my journey, helping me build a marketable resume and stay motivated during tough times.” 

Yaimara achieved her goal in just six months and now works in sales for Liberty Mutual. We recently connected with her to ask about her experience with Pathstream and her reasons for selecting the Sales Operations Certificate.

“I wanted to build a career in Sales Ops because I was always interested in a sales support role. But there were no other programs in Career Choice that concentrated on Sales Ops and provided the comprehensive services Pathstream offered, including career coaching, resume building, and more, at no cost. Since Amazon covered the entire program fee, enrolling was a no-brainer.”

Ultimately, her dedication to learning new skills and leveraging the certificate paid off. She secured more job interviews and job offer letters.

“Before taking the program, I couldn’t get an interview for sales roles within or outside Amazon. After completing the program and enlisting the assistance of career services to enhance my resume, recruiters and employers called me back for interviews. Taking advantage of Amazon’s Career Choice Program has increased my satisfaction with the company. I feel more valued, making me want to excel for a company that believes in me. I left only because of the flexible work hours; otherwise, I was on the managerial track,” Yaimara remarked.



Ready for interviews and her next step

“During the interview process, recruiters and managers inquired about the Pathstream Sales Ops certificate, my passion for sales, and my Salesforce experience. The program’s hands-on sales projects allowed me to gain significant experience quickly, which I confidently shared during interviews. These projects, my favorite aspect of the program, helped me hone my skills and master Salesforce.”

Yaimara’s newfound confidence and expertise enabled her to excel in her new role and support her fellow trainees. 

“During my onboarding process, I noticed fellow trainees were confused about Salesforce. Thanks to Pathstream, I was confident in my abilities and able to help them.”


Yaimara’s final advice to fellow Amazonians: “Make the most out of your Career Choice benefits. Using Career Choice to enroll and finish a Pathstream program can help you secure a remote job with improved hours, better pay, and the career you’ve always wanted.


By taking these courses, you demonstrate your commitment to success, setting yourself apart from others within the company, and managers will take notice.”


Kickstart your new career in 6 months with the Career Choice Program and Pathstream

Yaimara’s success story is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities. Her determination to grow, coupled with Amazon’s support and Pathstream’s robust program, paved the way for a promising career and a more fulfilling life. 

Don’t miss out—enroll in the Sales Ops Certificate Program by May 10th and start your journey toward success.


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