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Tamilore Toyin-Adelaja, a research analyst, stood at the crossroads of career fulfillment and job security amidst the pandemic. Equipped with a Master’s in Economics from Georgia State University, she under-utilized her skills in her current role. The pull of dissatisfaction was strong, but so was the need for stability in uncertain times.

Reflecting on her situation, Tamilore said, “I wasn’t applying all the skills I learned in graduate school in my role. Instead, the position was research-centric and felt like an extension of graduate school.”

Amid this career conundrum, her employer’s commitment to professional development and robust tuition assistance program offered a glimmer of hope. Encouraged by her manager to seek out programs teaching in-demand skills, she chanced upon Emory’s Tableau Data Analytics Certificate. Tamilore applied for tuition assistance through her employer, and they covered the certificate program’s expenses. 

“My manager encouraged me to find a reputable program associated with a higher education institution teaching in-demand skills that would make my resume stand out. I knew I wanted to find a program to teach me how to use SQL and Tableau. So I looked into Pathstream more and decided to enroll.” 


Embracing flexibility and support with Pathstream

While maintaining her full-time job, Tamilore appreciated the flexibility and understanding provided by Pathstream. 

“There was no set time you had to be online. Work was my priority, and I took the courses outside working hours. When I needed an extension, my instructor always understood and granted them,” she expressed.

With their quick and constructive feedback, Pathstream became a vital cog in her journey toward her career transition.

After completing the program, Tamilore realized that there weren’t many opportunities to apply her new data skills in her department. She decided to look for a job with the help of Pathstream’s Career Services



The journey toward the right career with Pathstream’s Career Services

Despite completing her program, Tamilore found limited opportunities to apply her new skills within her department. She decided to initiate a job search with the support of Pathstream’s Career Services team.

Her job search ebbed and flowed, marked by periods of intense applications and momentary breaks. However, she credits her career coach for helping her to effectively brand herself as a data analyst. 

“I began the job hunt in September and combed through Career Services newsletters for data analytics jobs every Friday. I kept applying to jobs but heard nothing back until I started working with a career coach on my resume and LinkedIn. My career coach helped me brand myself better as a data analyst, and this made a difference because recruiters started asking me to apply for jobs,” she explains.

She received an offer from ReUp Education, bringing a salary increase and work benefits that exceeded her expectation.

“I heard back from a few companies but decided to move forward with the interview process for ReUp Education. In March, I got a job offer for $23,000 more than I was making. I took the opportunity because they also had great benefits like healthcare, unlimited PTO, and I would have the opportunity to work remotely.”


Applying her new data skills at work 

Now a Data Analyst for ReUp Education, Tamilore applies her new skills daily. She describes, “On my second day of work, they had me working in SQL, but I was confident and ready because the program took me from being a novice to an intermediate.”

Her confidence, readiness, and ability to handle challenges set her apart in her new role, signifying a successful career transition. She sees herself finally facing the challenges she sought and attributes her readiness to Pathstream.


Tamilore’s final piece of advice to students:

“There are hundreds of data courses, but Pathstream stands out because of its passionate team. Everyone I worked with, from instructors to Career Services, wants to help you. If you’re looking to make a big career change, don’t skip out on working with Pathstream because they won’t just teach you the skills, they will help you achieve your professional goals.” She regards Pathstream as a driving force in her career success, reflecting the impact of effective upskilling and career coaching.


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