A versatile Senior Admin at Walmart

Marcus, a former Senior Admin at Walmart’s bustling e-commerce facility, was the go-to person, donning multiple hats to ensure smooth operations and high employee morale. He organized public events, fostered camaraderie among associates, managed vendor relationships, and maintained schedules for the senior team and associates.

Marcus found Pathstream because he realized he’d been performing project management duties and could see it as a career path. 

“I was tasked with converting locker rooms into break rooms at Walmart, and upon completion, it became a running joke that I was known as the project manager. As time passed, I found Pathstream’s courses through Walmart’s education benefits, and it just made sense to formalize my skills. Why not enhance my expertise if I already do this within my job? So I decided to take the Project Management Certificate and apply what Pathstream taught me to my future career, whether with Walmart or a different employer.”


Pathstream: A convenient and supportive learning experience

Marcus found Pathstream’s platform accessible and flexible. Juggling full-time work at Walmart, the convenience of accessing courses from anywhere allowed him to integrate learning into his busy schedule. The structured pace of the program, with new courses opening up at regular intervals, gave him the freedom to progress comfortably.

“It was nice that I could jump into the courses whenever I had time to learn the material. There was no rush to move on to the next course immediately after completing one.” 

While Marcus had a mostly positive experience, there were occasional technical hiccups toward the end of his coursework. Despite this, the technical support team promptly resolved the issues, and the instructors provided additional time for submission, showcasing their understanding and consideration.

“The technical support team quickly resolved any issues I encountered. The instructors were mindful of the fact that I was having technical difficulties. I understand that technical hiccups can happen when a program is online.” 


Grateful for the hands-on learning experience

Marcus also liked how immersive and practical the program was. Reflecting on his journey with Pathstream, Marcus emphasizes the value of the hands-on learning approach. The program’s focus on practical application, including working with spreadsheets, Asana, and other project management tools, prepared him for the challenges of his current role. Marcus credits the hands-on experience for enhancing his understanding and effectiveness in his job.

“I owe a lot to Pathstream for providing hands-on experience with essential tools and resources that prepared me for my current job. Current students should remember that real work environments differ slightly. However, take what you’ve learned and adapt it to your job. Keep up with the work and absorb the information you learn during the program to excel in your career.”


Skills gained and enhanced through the Pathstream Project Management Certificate 

The Pathstream program empowered Marcus with essential project management skills, including creating action plans, recognizing milestones, and organizing projects efficiently. As an entry-level Project Manager, he now plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless collaboration among departments and closing gaps during project execution. The coursework’s practical insights have allowed him to streamline processes, improve communication, and elevate overall project performance.

“The coursework taught me to be on top of projects, to be the voice of the overall project, and to ensure timely collaboration among teams. These are invaluable lessons I learned from Pathstream that I apply in my current role.”


Embracing the role of Project Manager

Empowered by Pathstream’s Project Management Certificate, Marcus transitioned to an entry-level Project Manager role. Drawing on his experience at Walmart and the valuable skills acquired through Pathstream, he excelled in his new role.

“Since becoming a project manager, the tools and resources I learned through Pathstream have significantly influenced my role, and it’s been working well. I initially chose this job to get my foot in the door, and it’s proven to be a great decision. My role involves collaborating with customers and businesses, overseeing product implementations into their databases and systems, all with the ultimate goal of improving the building.” 

Marcus’s journey with Pathstream has transformed his approach to project management, elevating his confidence, organization, and ability to lead successful projects. 


Prepared for certification and more opportunities 

But Marcus’s journey doesn’t stop with his new job. He believes the Project Management Certificate has positioned him for further career advancement. With the knowledge gained, he now aspires to take the CAPM Certified Associate Project Management exam offered by the Project Management Institute. 

“Pathstream has prepped me for the CAPM, and becoming certified will open the doors for more job opportunities. It’ll also improve my earning potential. I already feel more organized and can better collaborate; now I’m ready to take the next step to get certified.” 


A Transformative learning experience

Marcus’s success story exemplifies the power of education benefits. Employees with access to tuition assistance programs that cover the costs of certificate programs or further education are empowered to grow in their careers.

Through hands-on learning and practical application, Pathstream equips learners like Marcus with the confidence and skills they need to excel in their chosen field. Ready to explore new possibilities? Discover the transformative learning experiences Pathstream offers and pave your path to success as Marcus did.


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