The CAPM or Certified Associate in Project Management certification is among the most popular entry-level project management certifications. It’s great for individuals who are just starting out their project management career or those who have informal career experience with project management but want to show they are proficient in foundational project management concepts and manage larger, more formal projects. The only prerequisites as of 2022 required by its issuing body, The Project Management Institute or PMI, is that takers of the 150-question exam have:

  • a secondary degree (meaning a high school diploma, associate’s degree, or the global equivalent) 
  • 23 hours of project management education

So how does Pathstream’s Asana Project Management Certificate prepare you for the exam? The most obvious way it prepares you for the exam is that it satisfies the 23-hour project management education requirement to be eligible for the exam. But even more than that, this certificate teaches students the project management topics tested on the CAPM in a hands-on environment that not only prepares them for the test but also gives them the confidence needed to excel beyond just a passing grade. 


A comprehensive syllabus

The Asana Project Management Certificate syllabus comprises three courses, each featuring hands-on labs that are directly applicable to real-world project management. Course one teaches student project management’s foundational concepts like stakeholder management, scope management, and project charters; course two dives into project planning, utilizing spreadsheets, resource management, and project costs. Finally, course three tackles risk, quality, and integration management; students will learn about monitoring project health and more advanced skills in Asana. 

Personalized feedback from a real instructor

Every assignment making up the Asana Project Management Certificate course is reviewed and commented on by a real instructor experienced in project management. Instructors are available to answer questions or clarify coursework during the course. Suppose you’re pursuing the Asana Project Management Certificate to prepare for the CAPM exam. This feedback can be invaluable as you review the CAPM topics and learn about them in this certificate course.  

Suppose you want to expand your foundational project management knowledge before pursuing the Certified Associate in Project Management exam. In that case, the Pathstream Asana Project Management Certificate is a great tool to help you bridge the gap. If you’d like to learn more about the certificate – including a detailed syllabus, you can visit our Asana Project Management Certificate page here


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