Overcoming Adversity: Desire Nizigama’s career journey through a pandemic furlough

Desire Nizigama

Overcoming Adversity: Desire Nizigama’s career journey through a pandemic furlough

In the heart of the pandemic, Desire Nizigama found himself among the many Americans who had lost their jobs when unemployment rates skyrocketed. Formerly employed as a data analyst, Desire clearly envisioned his professional future. He wanted to persevere down his chosen career path. But, in the face of adversity, he decided to pause, stepping back from the immediacy of job-hunting to take a contemplative look at his career trajectory and skill set.

During his reflective career hiatus, Desire reviewed job requisitions. He realized a significant shift in the landscape of his profession. The realm of data analysis has evolved. The majority of potential employers were looking for candidates proficient in Tableau


Desire discovers the right Data Analytics program

Desire embarked on a journey to find the right course to enhance his proficiency in data analytics tools. 

“I began researching courses to teach me how to use data analytics tools,” he shares. His pursuit led him to the Emory Tableau Data Analytics Certificate Program. “I chose this program because of the content the courses covered; it [the program] would equip me with the skills I needed to get a new data analyst job.”

Having worked in the data analytics industry, Desire appreciated the importance of keeping his skills current. He believed in continuous learning, and this program offered an ideal blend of video lectures and projects. “The lectures were short and engaging, making it easy to understand the concepts,” Desire recalls.

He wasn’t just seeking a certificate to adorn his resume. “I was motivated to complete the program to stand out as a competitive candidate. I needed to master Tableau to get a job,” he declares, revealing his underlying motivation. Despite juggling part-time work, Desire took on the financial responsibility of the program himself.


Balancing work and studying

Being aware of the commitment required by the program, he devised a plan. Desire allocated his evenings to engross himself in the lectures and assignments after his part-time job. 

“The program requires you to commit time, so I dedicated myself to the lectures and assignments every evening after work and stayed on track,” he states, portraying his determination and commitment to his professional growth.


Support and Success: Desire’s experience with Pathstream Instructors and Career Services

Desire emphasizes that the program’s curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of critical data analytics tools. Recognizing that everyone’s learning style is unique, the program is crafted to accommodate these differences. It incorporates a range of instructional approaches, including videos, lectures, slideshows, and hands-on projects.

“Everyone learns differently, but the program can appeal to many people. It uses videos, lectures, slideshows, and projects to help you learn the material and apply your skills. You also won’t be doing it alone. A benefit of this program is having an instructor; they help you with any problems you encounter during the program.”

The Emory Tableau Data Analytics Certificate Program includes a team of advisors, instructors, and career coaches to support you. They remain with you until you reach your career goal. 

“What I didn’t know about the program was the type of support I could access. If I got stuck with an assignment, I could email the professor, and he would get back to me within 24 hours. But it was also more than that. He would check in on me to discuss my progress with the program and career goals and ask how he could help with the job search.”  

Desire had already started the job search process while enrolled in the program. 

“I was looking for a job during the pandemic, and the market was difficult to navigate. I was getting interviews but never the offer. Then I began to work with Career Services, meeting with my coaches every other week. They gave me lots of interview advice. I used their tips and my knowledge to land the job finally.” 


Desire’s ascent to Senior Data Analyst at Home Depot

Desire is now a Senior Data Analyst at Home Depot. He imparts his acquired expertise in their support center department, leveraging the power of multiple data analytics tools in his daily tasks.

“In my day-to-day, I use a combination of Tableau, SQL, Excel, and Salesforce,” he shares, highlighting the breadth of his skills. Desire is now an indispensable asset to his team, taking on the role of a mentor. “I create dashboards and reports for executives highlighting insights they need to drive business decisions. Taking Emory’s Tableau Data Analytics Certificate Program was very helpful. I have also become the go-to person when using these data analytics tools and training team members,” he reveals.


Desire’s advice for future learners

A firm believer in sharing knowledge and nurturing future professionals, Desire has some advice for current Pathstream students: “Employers don’t always have time to train you. You will have built a solid foundation in data analytics when you complete this program. So focus on really learning the material and mastering the technical skills.”

To those prospecting for a suitable program to enhance their data analytics skills, Desire presents a strong recommendation: “Data analytics skills are essential; add them to your toolkits because you will need them when you enter the workforce or if you want to advance regardless of your role,” he advises.

Start your Data Analytics Career with Pathstream

Through his journey, Desire embodies resilience, perseverance, and the willingness to continually learn and adapt, inspiring many others to navigate similar paths.

Today, embark on your journey to a new career in data analytics with the Tableau Data Analytics Certificate Program. Join the ranks of professionals like Desire, charting successful career paths and becoming indispensable assets in their industries.


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