Meet Daisy: Current Tech Support, Future Scrum Master

Daisy works at a top financial firm in the technical support department. She swiftly and effectively resolves a range of customer issues, from basic troubleshooting to answering questions about computer operations, software, trading platforms, and website functionality. 


Setting her sights on a future in Agile Project Management 

To move to a different department in the future, Daisy saw a great opportunity when her employer started to offer Pathstream’s skill-building certificates. She wants to become a Scrum Master and knew the Data Analytics and Agile Leadership Certificate in partnership with the Reynolds and Reynolds Sales Leadership Institute at Texas A&M University would be a great place to start working towards her goals. 

“I’m trying to become a Scrum Master in an agile environment at my current employer. The project management part of this certificate is directly related to that goal.”

Achieving fast results with Pathstream

Due to its self-paced design, Daisy completed the certificate program two months ahead of schedule. She credits her accomplishment to the program’s flexible structure and the additional resources that helped her achieve this ambitious goal and kept her strong and motivated to finish the program.

“There were some more difficult parts, but the wealth of resources, such as office hours with my instructors via Zoom, made it easier to finish the program. I also loved how easy Pathstream made it for me to balance work and finishing the program. I was able to plan ahead and continue to work at my own pace.”

She also really enjoyed the learning layout of the program. 

“I liked how it was broken down into four different courses. I could take each course and then focus on the next course while building on what I learned in the previous course. By the last course, I was using what I had learned in the first course. ”

The final course in her certificate program was ultimately her favorite because it gave her a glimpse into the life of a Scrum Master.

“The last course had lab experience that allowed us to do what a Scrum Master would do. It gave me a lot of great experience and showed me what to expect if I was actually in that role. It was my favorite part.”


Eyes on advancement

With her new skills under her belt, Daisy has taken advantage of the career services offered through Pathstream to update her resume and started applying to open positions at her company. She feels that the program has prepared her well for advancement and growth within the company.

“The positions that I’m interested in need those skills that I was able to learn in my certificate program. It really prepared me.” 

She plans to stay with her employer long term and reflected on the impact that the continued learning benefit had on her future at the company.

“I don’t think I would have taken a skills-building or certificate program on my own. The fact that the company covered the cost for me has a big impact on my satisfaction here and my decision to stay and grow.” 

Words of wisdom

Daisy shared a piece of advice to any prospective students or future learners with Pathstream.

“Use all of the available resources. If you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out and utilize office hours, they’re so patient. They helped me get through the course when I got stuck or needed additional support. If you use the resources, you’ll be just fine.” 


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