Colleen Dennis is a Compliance Audit Supervisor for the Children’s Hospital of Colorado. In her role, she manages multiple stakeholders, organizes audits, and tackles complex healthcare compliance issues on a regular basis. 

Colleen saw a clear parallel between her role and project management principles, which prompted her to expand her skillset by enrolling in Pathstream’s Project Management Certificate.

She says, “I realized there’s a strong similarity between the audit process and project management. Each audit I oversee could be considered a project in itself. I was motivated to take the program because I believed it could provide me with the tools and strategies to streamline my workflow and increase efficiency in my role.”


Finding Pathstream

Colleen discovered the Project Management Certificate program through her employer’s tuition assistance program. “I found Pathstream when searching for project management courses in our catalog of learning programs,” Colleen shared. After some initial research on Pathstream, she felt confident about her decision to enroll. 



A learning experience tailored to busy professionals

Pathstream programs’ blend of structure and flexibility ensures that learners like Colleen can thrive, no matter how busy their schedule. Colleen experienced this firsthand. She could effectively plan her weeks, ensuring she fulfilled her professional commitments without compromising her educational goals.

Reflecting on her experience, Colleen said, “The Pathstream program was designed with a strong focus on deadlines and results, which greatly assisted in structuring my time. On busy workdays, I still found myself able to manage because the course provided enough time to complete each week’s requirements and lessons.”


In addition, Colleen enjoyed the program’s content and found the work volume challenging yet rewarding. The assignments weren’t just fillers; they contributed to her learning and skill development. 

“There was a lot of work to do, and it was a lot of homework – around 6-7 hours a week. So, it required a lot of focus,” Colleen said. One element she found particularly valuable was the quizzes at the end of the modules. Colleen explained, “I had to stop, read the questions and really think about them.It made me take the time to read the answer. And then I think while you’re doing that, you learn – ask the right questions, get the right answers.”


Personalized Support

Collen found she was never alone in her learning journey and was impressed by the support she received from success coaches

“It was just a nice reminder that someone was there if I had any questions. They were very helpful. There were a couple of times when I needed guidance, and they directed me to the right resources, followed up with me, and ensured that I was staying on track.”

This level of personalized support, unique to Pathstream, creates an enriched learning experience that goes beyond the conventional online course, making students feel valued and supported every step of the way.


Gaining new project management skills and increasing productivity

Throughout her journey, Colleen honed her skills in defining and maintaining the scope of her projects. This skill was especially beneficial in her role as a Compliance Audit Supervisor, where she likened each audit to a project. 

She said, “The lessons underscored how quickly ‘scope creep‘ can sneak up on you. With constraints on time and resources, keeping the scope within the agreed project parameters is crucial. Understanding how to prevent scope creep was the most valuable takeaway from all my lessons.”

Colleen significantly improved her workflow by building a strong foundational understanding of her projects, including effective stakeholder management. 

As she pointed out, “It really made me rethink how I established my plan, and how I establish my own scope when I’m doing something. Who my stakeholders are, and indefinitely reaching out to them and saying, ‘Hey, this is what I’m going to do. Do you have anything that you’d like to add to that from your perspective?’ The project management methodologies I learned to tackle scope creep were instrumental in improving my productivity at work and project efficiency.”


Employer investment and employee growth

Colleen’s experience with the Pathstream program deepened her appreciation for her employer, who covered the costs. It was more than just a financial investment; it was a commitment to her personal and professional development. 

Colleen said, “It’s truly remarkable when your employer supports your learning journey; it feels like an extra bonus. I truly appreciate the opportunity and the fact that my employer covered the expense. It was a commitment they made to help me broaden my horizons. The Project Management Certificate has been instrumental in improving my workflow and how I interact with my stakeholders and team members. It’s been a positively transformative experience.”


Opening new career avenues

When asked about future opportunities for advancement in her role, Colleen acknowledged the niche nature of her current position in healthcare compliance. However, the program opened avenues for networking and potential certification in project management. Colleen has since joined a project management group in Colorado Springs, providing opportunities for expanding their professional networks.

She explained, “This course certainly expanded my possibilities. Joining the local project management group has provided networking opportunities and encouraged me to seek Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. If I ever wanted to shift my career path, I now have an open avenue within Children’s Hospital, thanks to the skills I gained from this course.”


Are you ready to follow in the footsteps of successful professionals like Colleen Dennis? Elevate your project management skills to the next level with our comprehensive Pathstream Project Management Certificate course. Gain practical knowledge, personalized support, and the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your productivity, improve stakeholder management, and open new avenues in your career. Click here to learn more about the Pathstream Project Management Certificate course and unlock your potential today!


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