At Pathstream, we recognize that online learning is new for many people or that people need help to stay motivated. That’s why we’ve designed a program with built-in support every step of the way. One of the keys to student success is our Success Coach team.  


What is a Pathstream Success Coach? 

Once you enroll in a certificate program, you’ll be connected with a Success Coach. Your Success Coach can support you with the skills and mindset to help you reach your highest potential in your courses.


What types of support do Success Coaches offer?

Pathstream Success Coaches offer: 

  1. Individualized study plans: They’ll work with you to create a plan that helps you meet your learning goals.
  2. Coaching Calls: You can schedule a short call or Zoom meeting (15-30 minutes) with your Coach to plan for coursework, troubleshoot time management issues, or discuss how to fit learning into your current life situation. 
  3. Study Tips: Every week, you’ll receive a ‘tip of the week’ to help you learn about your work style, how to better manage projects, access Pathstream resources, and more. 
  4. Text support: So many of us have busy lives, and Success Coaches check in on your course progress. They’ll reach out with weekly reminders, nudge you if you fall behind, and check in when you need the most support to excel. 
  5. A safe place when you’re unsure: If you have a question but aren’t sure where to turn, talk to your Success Coach. They can help guide you to the right resource, provide answers, or put you in touch with the person or department that can help. 

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