Before joining Amazon, Ronda Anderson worked in retail management, where she honed her leadership skills by managing and directing teams. Drawn to Amazon by its job and benefit opportunities, she became an overnight Learning Ambassador. This position involved substantial responsibility, including training new hires during their initial days.

Ronda explains, “As a Learning Ambassador, I was already doing a lot of the work that you train new hires for, so they asked me to move from an associate into this training role. When new hires came into our building, we were responsible for ensuring they were trained properly and safely. I helped conduct orientations, and I just loved helping people assume their new roles at Amazon.”


Seeking opportunities to advance at Amazon

Eager to move beyond her current position, Ronda started exploring opportunities beyond her role as a Learning Ambassador. This is how she learned about Amazon’s Learning Trainer role, which felt like the perfect way to leverage her extensive experience in training and staff development from her retail management days.

“I’ve always been in a position where I was the leader, and after 3 years I felt like I had reached the peak of my learning as an overnight Learning Ambassador. I was looking for a role that let me take advantage of what was already in my DNA.”


Discovering a clear path to success through Pathstream

Ronda’s quest for growth led her to the NYU x Pathstream Sales Ops Certificate program, available through Amazon Career Choice. Initially, Ronda was unsure if the program would differ from her previous Career Choice experiences. Flexibility was a key factor in her decision to enroll, as she would be juggling a full-time job and studying.

“I was unsure at first. I thought it might be the same as my previous program, which required me to follow a fixed schedule. But I realized that Pathstream was really different. It gave me the hands-on experience, coaching, and confidence I needed to apply to new roles at Amazon. I also loved the fact that, because of a busy schedule, I could take the class at my own pace and really lock in the times when I could focus on the certificate.”


A fast-track promotion to Interim Trainer

Upon completing her certificate, Ronda was promoted to Interim Trainer at Amazon. This role required strong project management skills, which she had honed through the Pathstream program.

“I got to practice many of the technical skills in the courses. It helped build my confidence. A lot of what I’m using now is project management, which involves making sure things are done in a timely manner. As a trainer, I oversee the program for the learning ambassadors. You have to make sure that everything and everyone is in place. You need to delegate tasks in a short time span. Even though the class lasts five hours, a lot of effort goes into preparing, scheduling, and managing everything for it.”


Holistic Support from Pathstream: Career Services

Pathstream’s career services played an important role in Ronda’s journey.

 “The sessions with my coach helped me unlock other skills that I can transfer not only to Amazon or to another company.” 


Hands-on coaching and crafting a strong resume

Ronda’s career coach provided hands-on support with resume writing. This process helped her identify and showcase her broader skill set. 

“That session with Claire was eye-opening. She showed me all the skills I possess and how to pull them into my resume. Claire didn’t just hand me the perfect resume, she taught me how to build one for the roles I was applying to. I felt empowered.” 


Mock Interviews and real-world preparation

Mock interviews conducted by Pathstream coaches provided Ronda with valuable practice and prepared her to secure her new role. 

 “I was up for a promotion and did a few mock interviews with my coach, who helped me with the behavioral questions. I learned a method that helped me answer questions and organize my thoughts. Claire also taught me how to tell my story and talk about my leadership skills. Amazon loves to hear about your leadership experience.” 


Future aspirations: Aiming for permanent training roles

With her new skills and position, Ronda is already eyeing the next steps in her career at Amazon. She aims to move into a permanent training role and eventually into operations.

“One of my supervisor’s suggestions was that I partner with the operations team. That way, I can get a feel for what they do on the operational level, and then I can transition into an area manager.”

After experiencing Pathstream, Ronda felt more satisfied with her role and is eager to continue growing within Amazon.

“Before Pathstream, when I log into work, Amazon asked you to rate your satisfaction with them. I wasn’t happy and felt maxed out. Now, I feel like I’m going somewhere. I would love to stay with them. I want to give them 100% or 110% of my time and effort because they invest that in me.” 


Advice to Colleagues

“Don’t sleep on Amazon. I kept my heart and ears open. Look at what your personal goals and values are. And see if Amazon aligns with them. If they align, then take advantage of Career Choice, shadowing different teams, and listen to the feedback you receive. You’ll find your sweet spot.”

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