Soaring to Success: Alicia went from Process Assistant to Area Manager thanks to her new data skills and determination

Before Pathstream: A Process Assistant at Amazon

When Alicia Moreno first joined Amazon, she took on the role of a Process Assistant, which involved supervising and managing various operations to ensure timely and efficient delivery of items. Her daily responsibilities included focusing on customer satisfaction, coaching associates, and ensuring everything was delivered on time. The role was demanding, requiring meticulous attention to detail and strong managerial skills.


Motivation to pursue further education

Alicia’s motivation to further her education stemmed from a desire to adapt to the evolving technological landscape. 

“Everything has gone more digital and is technology-driven. I have a lot of managerial experience and skills, but I wanted to understand how to use data tools like SQL and Excel to improve and make my work easier. I enjoy data and learning how to collect it, but it was important for my job to know how to analyze it better,” she explains. 

The Pathstream experience

Alicia’s experience with Pathstream was positive. She appreciated the program’s flexibility, allowing her to balance her studies with a demanding job. 

“I love the freedom that you have. You know, they give you the material, you can kind of jump in, and you have professors and coaches to help you. So if you don’t understand something, you can schedule a 30-minute call with an instructor, and they can guide you step by step,” she says. 

Learning and applying new data skills

Alicia acquired several new skills through the Data Analytics program, including mastering Excel, SQL, and Tableau. These skills proved invaluable in her daily work. 

“Excel definitely is the top one that I use every day,” Alicia’s new capabilities enabled her team to gather and analyze data on warehouse volume more effectively, which was crucial for their operations. “I focus a lot on tracking our volume, no matter the units per hour we handle. My main tasks include creating macros, tables, and graphs to monitor our performance each week. In our weekly meetings, I review these numbers with other on-site managers. I also present these findings to senior leaders for the monthly review,” she explains.

Support and growth with Pathstream

Pathstream’s support system played a crucial role in Alicia’s success. She mentioned working with instructors and coaches, which was instrumental in helping her understand complex modules in the courses and refine her resume. 

“The coaches always answered all my questions, and the calls were really helpful. They helped me when I didn’t understand something,” she says. This support helped Alicia complete the program and boosted her confidence and motivation.


Overcoming challenges and managing time

Balancing the demands of a full-time job and her family with the coursework was challenging, mainly since Alicia worked overnight shifts. But with determination, grit, and a flexibly paced program, Alicia was able to complete the certificate on time.

“At the beginning, it was hard because I was working overnight. I was tired a lot. But it’s about knowing how to manage your time and being committed to learning. Plus, there was great support – Pathstream was always texting you to remind you about deadlines, and again, it’s at your pace.” 


Achieving a promotion and future aspirations

Upon completing the Pathstream program, Alicia was promoted to Area Manager, which involves opening new warehouses and managing larger teams. The skills she learned through Pathstream were directly applicable to her new responsibilities. 

“I am faster and more productive. The time I used to take to know something or keep track of performance and volume has reduced.” Her goal is to continue growing within Amazon, with aspirations of becoming an Operations Manager and eventually a senior leader.


Advice to fellow associates

Alicia encourages her colleagues to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Amazon and Pathstream.  

“I always tell my team, the younger associates I manage, that this program exists. They pay for your education, and the certificates are useful. Just be patient and figure out what you want to do in life. [When you do] Amazon is giving you the tools. Use them and go get what you want,” she advises. 


Empower Your Team with Pathstream

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