Originally from Chicago, Robert’s career in hospitality management saw him moving across the United States from Washington, DC, to North Carolina. However, the pandemic brought unexpected challenges, leading him to a role at Amazon as a level-one Inventory Control Associate. There, he found a new opportunity that completely changed his career path.

Discovering Amazon’s Career Choice Program

Robert was eager to advance his career, but this would have required overnight shifts, which he couldn’t commit to. Yet, Robert still wanted to take the steps necessary to determine what was next for him professionally. 

That’s when he came across a Facebook ad for Pathstream’s Sales Operations Certificate Program. After researching, he realized that Amazon’s Career Choice would cover the costs for him to take the program, leading him to enroll.

I found myself trying to find out what I wanted to do next,” Robert recalls. And so I saw an opportunity on Facebook that Amazon was paying for a Sales Operations Program through Pathstream.

Embracing New Challenges: Learning with Pathstream

Overcoming obstacles

Robert’s shift to Sales Operations was filled with learning curves and new experiences. Initially daunted by the prospect of balancing a demanding job with rigorous study, Robert found comfort in the fact that the program was online, structured, and flexible. 

Starting out, I was unsure about the level of support I would receive and online learning. It seemed intimidating at first. But plenty of resources are available, and Pathstream is user-friendly. Once you start the program, it all clicks into place.

The power of support 

Pathstream also stood out to Robert because he liked the feeling of being part of a cohort but also appreciated the challenge of learning to work independently. 

“There are times that you’ll be working in the courses late at night, after a shift, and you need to work more independently. It just takes a little effort to put those details together, but I have stronger problem-solving skills because of the experience.” 

Leveraging Pathstream’s coaching

After completing the program and earning his certificate, Robert engaged with Pathstream’s career services. He connected with his coach, Sammyra, who played a pivotal role in his journey. In fact, Robert was contacted by a recruiter shortly after updating his LinkedIn profile based on Sammyra’s recommendation. 

My coach’s guidance was crucial. Their support and the skills I learned paved the way for this new chapter at Corning Inc. Sammyra helped me update my LinkedIn with the right information and show off my new skills. This is when a recruiter reached out to me with a job opportunity. 

From Amazon to Corning Inc.

Robert joined Corning Inc. as a Customer Care Specialist. He received a salary raise and started a role that fully utilizes his new sales and project management skills. 

I have a new position with Corning as a Customer Care Specialist and got a $13K salary raise.

In his new role, Robert applies the sales and project management skills learned through the Sales Operations Program daily, particularly using Salesforce and SAP. His experience at Pathstream laid a solid foundation, making his transition to Corning Inc. smoother and more effective. 

When I started at Corning, they provided additional training on Salesforce and SAP, which was essentially a refresher for me. I had a solid understanding of both applications from the Pathstream program and could navigate their systems smoothly. Pathstream also helped me understand what it means to be a sales professional, so I could navigate different cloud-client relationships from day one while managing my operations.

Looking forward, Robert is focused on further growth and learning within his new company, ready to learn the ropes before exploring future opportunities. 

Reflecting on the journey

Robert’s story is not just one of career transition but of personal transformation. His advice to other Amazon employees considering a Pathstream program through the Career Choice Program is simple:

 Just make a decision to go for it. If you’ve got the time, determination, grit, and drive for something better, go ahead and take that step. And if you try out a program and realize it’s not for you, it’s okay. You can always explore other programs later on, and remember, now you have the skills. Amazon offers plenty of opportunities and support for those looking to do something different.


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