How to become a Facebook marketing expert in 18 weeks

Facebook Marketing Expert

Demand for digital marketing professionals is projected to increase by 10% by 2026, which is faster than the growth rate estimated for the average profession. Marketing professionals are tasked with helping their employers connect with prospective clients using various digital mediums, including social media.

While companies can use all social media platforms for digital marketing purposes, Facebook is one of the best mediums available. Therefore, companies seek to hire Facebook marketing experts to oversee their advertising campaigns.

If you have been searching for an exciting new profession, Facebook marketing may be just the career for you. The best part is that you can become a certified Facebook marketing expert in 18 weeks. This article will look at how.

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What does a Facebook marketing expert do?

How do I become a Digital Marketer on Facebook?

What is the average salary of a Facebook marketer?

How to get started?

What does a Facebook marketing expert do?

Before you decide whether Facebook marketing is the right career for you, you must understand exactly what these digital advertising experts do. Generally, Facebook marketers are expected to perform various tasks such as:

Marketing strategy and campaign creation

The primary purpose of a Facebook marketing expert is to develop and manage their company’s social media advertising strategy. They must create a Facebook business page for their company unless the organization already has one.

marketing campaign planning 

Once the page is live, they will create a new campaign by using a tool known as Facebook Ads Manager and complete the following steps:

Choose an objective

The Facebook platform allows marketers to select “marketing objectives” when creating a new campaign. In total, there are 11 options:

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messages
  • Conversions
  • Catalog sales
  • Store traffic

Marketers must select the objective that best aligns with their company’s current marketing goals. For instance, if an organization seeks to expand its social media following, metrics such as engagement or video views would be relevant to track.

Name the campaign

The Facebook Ads Manager platform allows users to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. Naming the campaign makes it easy for the marketer and stakeholders to track separate advertising efforts.

Set a budget and schedule

When setting a budget, marketers can choose between a daily or lifetime option. While this process is fairly straightforward, setting a budget ensures that the marketer does not overspend on a particular campaign.

During this step, the marketer will also have the opportunity to schedule advertisements for specific time frames. This scheduling ensures that ads are only displayed during hours when the target audience is likely to be active on the platform.

setting campaign budget

Select an audience

Step four involves building a target audience for the ad campaign, but we will address that in greater detail below.

Choose ad placement

Whereas the targeting section allows marketers to determine “who” will see their ads, the “ad placement” segment determines where their content is displayed. Ad placement options include categories such as “device type,” “platform,” and “placements.”

Marketers can display their ads on desktops, mobile devices, or both. They can also choose to display their marketing materials across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. In terms of placement, marketers must decide whether they want their ads displayed on News Feeds, in Stories, or the middle of articles and videos.

placing ads

Set brand safety controls

Brand safety controls are designed to help companies preserve their reputation among consumers. Marketers can limit what types of content Facebook will display ads within or alongside.

Create the ad

Once brand safety parameters are set, the final step is to create the ad. From there, digital marketers must use various analytics tools to monitor the campaign’s effectiveness.

Ad targeting

Ad targeting is one of your most important responsibilities as a Facebook digital marketing expert. Targeting an audience is “aiming” your ads at a specific demographic. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to build a custom audience by selecting language, age, gender, geographic location, and other variables.

Ad targeting is an effective way of reducing waste in your marketing campaign. You can direct your ads to consumers who are more likely to convert. However, your audience size will decrease as you make additional selections.

A/B Testing and optimizing ad performance

A/B testing is one of the most valuable tools that marketing experts have at their disposal. When conducting an A/B test on social media, marketers will run two separate ads campaigns simultaneously. These ads must be of the same style and format. For instance, A/B testing can compare two in-feed video ads.

The “A” ad is presented to one group, and the “B” ad is presented to the second group. A/B testing is like head-to-head competition. Marketers will keep the ad that performs better and improve upon it, which is known as “Ad Optimization.”

You can repeat A/B testing multiple times until the marketing team narrows down their search to a few high-performing ads.


Reporting is an integral part of life as a Facebook digital marketing expert. These professionals must use Facebook Ads Manager, Google Analytics, and other data analytics tools to measure their marketing campaign’s success.

If these metrics reveal shortcomings in current digital marketing efforts, marketers must make adjustments to optimize the performance of advertising content.

market reports

How do I become a Digital Marketer on Facebook?

If you are interested in becoming a Facebook marketing expert, there are two primary resources at your disposal. These programs are as follows:

Facebook blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is Facebook’s official suite of online learning courses, certifications, and programs that can help you learn the ins and outs of marketing. The online courses and curated programs on Facebook Blueprint are free. However, the certification exams are not.

Facebook Blueprint offers several different marketing-related exams. The exam options include the Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate, Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional, and the Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional, just to name a few.

Each exam costs $150 per attempt and certifies you for one year.

Obtaining official certificates from Facebook Blueprint is a great way of setting yourself apart from other marketing professionals. However, if you have little to no experience in the realm of digital marketing, then it can be tough to find the right Blueprint program to start your journey.

Individuals that are brand-new to digital marketing would benefit from a more controlled program that thoroughly prepares them for the Blueprint exam, such as the one offered by Pathstream.

Pathstream Certificate

Pathstream provides world-class digital skills training to help you get your Facebook Digital Marketing Certificate. We partner with leading tech companies and universities to develop programs that prepare students for jobs that are in high demand, such as Facebook digital marketing.

Our comprehensive 2-in-1 certificate program is one of the best ways to obtain valuable digital marketing skills. Upon completion, you will earn a credential from Pathstream’s university partner.

This certificate program will prepare you to pass the Facebook Blueprint exam and teach you the necessary skills to complete the Google Analytics Exams.

Our 100% online program will teach you the foundational principles of marketing strategy, social media marketing, and campaign management and optimization. It consists of 3 six-week hands-on courses.

Cumulatively, these courses contain interactive labs and projects that will create an immersive learning experience. You will also have access to downloadable resource guides and career coaching designed to help you find work fast.

There are no prerequisites for Pathstream’s Facebook marketing program. Each course is designed for those with little or no experience in the digital marketing industry. However, experienced professionals can also benefit from this course as it will refine their digital skills.

What is the average salary of a Facebook marketer?

The average salary range for Facebook marketing experts is very broad. This breadth exists because some marketing experts engage in freelance work and may provide other services.

However, full-time Facebook marketing specialists have the potential to earn as much as $87,000 annually. Facebook marketing managers working for more prominent companies can generate a six-figure income.

When searching for your first marketing position, you can expect to find jobs that pay around $50,000 annually, the national average for Facebook marketers.

With that being said, you can discuss incentive pay and bonuses when speaking with prospective employers. For instance, if you help your new company achieve a 3X ROI on Facebook-based advertising, then your contract may stipulate that you are eligible for a one-time bonus.

In the results-driven world of Facebook marketing, contract incentives are quite common. These incentives are meant to reward top performers while also offering companies protection against overpaying for marketing services.

Start your journey today

If you are interested in becoming a Facebook marketing expert in just 18 weeks, Pathstream can help. Our expertly designed program is self-paced and available 100% online.

You will only need to commit approximately 10 to 15 hours per week to successfully complete our program, making it easy to structure it around your other responsibilities.

In addition to the Facebook digital marketing program, Pathstream offers several other certificates through partnerships with renowned universities. These certificate programs include:

To learn more, contact us today!

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