Digital Marketing

See how digital marketing drives business growth by launching effective campaigns using Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, A/B tests, and other tactics.

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data analytics career


Digital Marketing

See how digital marketing drives business growth by launching effective campaigns using Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, A/B tests, and other tactics.

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About Digital Marketing

The phrase “digital marketing” is a broad term that refers to the various ways businesses can advertise via social media platforms. Marketing professionals are tasked with helping their employers connect with prospective clients using multiple digital mediums. They drive business growth by launching effective campaigns using Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, A/B test, and other tactics.

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Day-to-day tasks performed by Digital Marketers

Digital marketers are responsible for building awareness about a company’s products or services. Using their knowledge of marketing strategy and technical skillsets, digital marketers create campaigns that engage their target audience, drive traffic to its website, and convert potential customers to paying customers. Here are some examples of online media digital marketers commonly work with:


You build an email drip to target new leads that sign-up to learn more about your products.

Internet Ads

You work with your ads manager to develop an online advertising strategy.


You support the content manager with brainstorming ideas to launch your business’s new thought leadership podcast.

Social Media

You create pieces of content for campaigns across social channels.

They complete the following types of work to understand their potential customers and connect with them:

Content Creation

You conduct interviews with clients to build case studies or former customers for testimonials.

Digital Marketing Analysis

You build a dashboard to capture traffic to your company landing pages and posts and use the information you learned to improve your content strategy.

Market Research

You conduct interviews with customers to learn information about your product.

Online Relationship Building

You assist with affiliate marketing campaigns and coordinate the white listing of ads to build strong brand awareness and trust.

Skills you already have that are relevant to a career in Digital Marketing

You can transition to a career as an entry-level digital marketer without having digital marketing experience. Educators, store associates, and organic farmers have all learned the hard skills to transition to roles in digital marketing.

This job will be the right fit for you if you enjoy:
  • Understanding and connecting with people
  • Analyzing the behavior of people
  • Creating beautiful and engaging content
  • Storytelling and conveying information clearly
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Digital Marketing salary potential

According to Burning Glass Technologies, the median salary for a digital marketer in the U.S. is around $53,575. However, digital marketing salaries range widely. Your level of education, work experience, where you live, industry, and even the digital marketing career path you choose to pursue affect your salary.

Ultimately, the salary range is from $24,500 to $123,500 per year. Digital marketers with over 5 years of experience make $94,000.

Projected demand for Digital Marketers

Demand for digital marketers has nearly doubled since 2012. Companies are on track to spend $460 billion on digital marketing activities by 2024. Businesses of all sizes need to use SEO optimization, social media, and online advertising to reach their customers. According to Burning Glass, over 400,000 companies in the US are looking for people with these skills.

The five top industries hiring digital marketers are:
  • Consulting
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Advertising & Public Relations
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How to become a Digital Marketer?

If you are searching for a well-paying career opportunity that provides plenty of room for both personal and professional growth, then a digital marketing career path must be on your radar. You’re poised to get your foot in the door somewhere, especially considering that over 400,000 digital marketing jobs were posted over the last 12 months.
But how do you get an entry-level digital marketing job? 
There is a common misconception that you need a four-year degree to become a digital marketer. While potential employers will certainly look favorably on any higher education you have obtained, being a degree holder is not mandatory. In fact, you can be eligible for most entry-level digital marketing positions by acquiring a certificate.
 In the Facebook Digital Marketing certificate, you’ll learn how to drive business growth by launching and measuring effective campaigns so you become a competitive applicant for thousands of companies hiring for digital marketing roles.
Built for busy people who want to take the next step in their careers, this certificate program is 100% online. You’ll have access to experienced marketing instructors ready to support your learning and provide you with personalized feedback. Moving at your own pace, you’ll work through assignments that mirror the ones you’ll need to perform on the job. Some students even complete projects for a real client or business so they can gain marketing experience as they learn. For example, you’ll develop a Facebook ads campaign, create search and display ads, evaluate the results of marketing campaigns using analytics, and learn to design effective email campaigns. You’ll master in-demand skills and technologies like Facebook ads, Google ads, Google Analytics, and MailChimp.
 Most importantly, when you finish this program, you’ll be ready to apply for roles as a digital specialist, email coordinator, social media specialist, or other marketing roles at companies like Walgreens, GE, Instacart, or Starbucks. Or, you’ll be ready to take on more responsibilities at your current job (that can lead to a promotion!) or for your own business. We’ll offer career services like coaching, interview, prep, and job connections to help you accomplish your goals. Pathstream supports you every step of the way. 

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