Did you know digital marketing specialists are some of the most in-demand jobs? According to Burning Glass Technologies, over 220,000 jobs posted in the last 12 months are looking for individuals with digital marketing skills. Digital marketing careers are not limited to traditional advertising or public relations companies. Any business looking to grow needs digital marketing experts on staff.

This article will look at the five top industries hiring digital marketing specialists and share potential salary ranges to find the right industry for you. 

What industries are hiring Digital Marketing Specialists? 


Companies like Deloitte, PwC, and KPMG are hiring digital marketing specialists to work with their vast portfolio of clients. Consulting companies posted over 20,000 digital marketing specialist jobs in the last 12 months. Working for these companies will help you further develop your marketing research skills, define different brand identities and assist with developing marketing strategies for business leaders. One caveat is that many of these roles require two+ years of marketing-related experience. Don’t sweat it if you’ve taken a certificate program and built a portfolio with freelance work. If you are starting in marketing, we strongly recommend building up your skills by enrolling in a certificate program or taking on freelance projects to build experience.  

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Insurance companies posted over 6,500 digital marketing specialist jobs over the last 12 months. Insurance carriers protect against financial risks and losses at all stages of people’s lives and businesses. Digital marketing specialists working at insurance carriers will engage with customers and prospects using events and campaigns to support insurance sales and brand awareness. Daily tasks include monitoring emerging market trends in the insurance industry or collaborating on creative assets. Most job postings offer the opportunity to work remotely and don’t require previous work experience or knowledge of the insurance industry. 


Financial services comprise one of the economy’s most important and influential sectors. This sector comprises a variety of institutions, such as investment houses, lenders, banks, finance companies, and real estate brokers. You must have excellent communication and writing skills to break into this industry. Most entry-level job postings list a college degree in marketing, communications, or finance as a requirement.  


Many diverse digital marketing opportunities are available if you’re passionate about the education sector. Educational institutions, consulting companies, and even Crayola are all looking for marketing specialists. Many positions require new hires to assist with performing research, driving campaigns across channels, and developing content. However, similar to finance, most companies are looking for individuals with some education experience. If you’re transitioning into this career, you may want to look into internships or freelance opportunities to build your resume experience.  

Advertising & PR

The Advertising and PR industry is looking for public relations specialists, digital marketing specialists, social media strategists, and more. Working in this industry is the perfect opportunity to work with non-profits, B2C, and B2B clients while also figuring out what marketing career path is right for you. It’s a great option for recent graduates of digital marketing programs because you can practice your newly acquired skills by performing keyword analysis, implementing conversion strategies, and developing content.

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How to start your digital marketing job search

Now that you know what industries have a high demand for digital marketing specialists, how do you find your dream job? We’ve laid out some tips to help you get an entry-level digital marketing job, including examples of resumes that work! Suppose you’re not ready to start the job search but want to build up your digital marketing skills. In that case, Pathstream’s Digital Marketing Certificate might be a great choice. Our program is designed to teach you the skills you need to perform your job and help you build up experience through hands-on labs. Our instructors will teach you how to build a portfolio online, and career coaches will show you how to leverage your new and transferable skills to get the job you want. Learn more about our programs by contacting us.



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