An Asana Project Management Certificate is one of the most versatile tools you can add to your professional skill set. This versatility means that an Asana Project Management Certificate prepares you for a lot of different careers – we’ll go over three common paths below.

Jobs you can do with an Asana Project Management Certificate

Project coordinator

  $65,211 national average salary in 2022

A project coordinator supports a project manager with project scheduling, writing briefs, communicating with stakeholders, and generally assisting with the progress of projects. This position is great for professionals who are looking for a stepping stone to a project manager role, are people-oriented, organized, and like to problem solve. Demand for project coordinators is high, and many project coordinators are able to work from home, making this an attractive path to anyone seeking to level up their career.

Marketing associate

$60,714 national average salary in 2022

Marketing associates are tasked with creating and executing marketing plans – which makes an Asana Project Management Certificate a great choice for professionals interested in this field. Marketing is a profession that combines creativity and analysis skills much like project management, and having a project management education is likely to help with the day-to-day tasks of a marketing associate, such as working with copywriters and designers to develop marketing content and execute plans.

Associate product manager

$81,081 national average salary in 2022

Associate Product Managers help create business opportunity plans and coordinate between departments to expand or improve a company’s products. They usually collaborate with a business’ management, marketing, and product teams to develop and execute business strategies to meet company goals, track results, manage projects, and collect customer feedback to improve products.

Forging your Project Management career path with Pathstream

Even if your career plans differ from these specific roles, the Pathstream Asana Project Management Certificate is still a versatile course that can help you become an in-demand professional regardless of industry. We’ve had students go from our certificate to roles in Agile project management, obtaining the CAPM or other project management certifications and other pathways. It teaches skills like spreadsheet utilization, risk mitigation, problem-solving, and other essentials for any workplace. Start here if you’d like to learn more about the Asana Project Management Certificate.

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