How a Pathstream student successfully changed careers from copywriting to Data Analytics.

Tehreem planned to be a journalist. While in college in Texas, she studied political science and worked for her college newspaper, then pursued a career in copywriting.

Finding a new path

About a year into freelancing, she realized that she felt stagnant in her career and wasn’t enjoying the work she was doing. At that point, she realized she needed digital skills to be competitive, and started looking for a course to boost her resume. When Tehreem came across data analytics, and specifically data visualization with Tableau, she was excited — here was a way for her to enhance her career opportunities, get some hard skills and at the same time be creative. She could work in a business as an analyst, or she could also go back into media focused on data journalism and storytelling. The flexibility of the NYU Tableau Data Analytics Certificate program made it a perfect fit for Tehreem.

Job-focused education

Tehreem had some experience with the basics of SQL and Excel and had seen examples of Tableau visualizations. Once she started building them herself on the Pathstream platform, she found it challenging but also a lot of fun. She particularly liked that the Tableau Data Analytics Certificate program was heavily project-based.

“Pathstream had a really great career program. They made sure that I had the resources I needed to come out of the program with a job.”

While there was some overview of the theory, the majority of course time was spent learning how the tools are used practically, specifically in the field. The great thing about the program was that it was preparing her to have a job, and use the skills in a way needed by employers.

Advice & setting goals for success

“Setting goals really helps with staying consistent. And also it gives you a sense of accomplishment and boosts your confidence, which is so incredibly important in this process.”

The job search process can be stressful, and Tehreem found writing cover letters and keeping her confidence high exhausting. During the process, she got good advice and encouragement from Pathstream and her personal support network. Her mother advised that when she saw qualifications in a job description that she wasn’t sure she had, to go ahead and apply anyway. The worst case is she doesn’t get the job, and in the best-case scenario, she does! Either way, she would learn something from it.

“There were a lot of resources, like great cover letter and resume templates that we could follow and walkthroughs on how to best tell your story and how to succeed in your technical interviews or regular interviews.”

Her Pathstream career coach encouraged her to set realistic daily and weekly goals. If she told herself she would be applying to jobs, or sending a resume for review on a certain day, she made sure that she executed her plan, no matter what. Her previous experience with career services in college was less than ideal but in the Pathstream program, she received a lot of guidance.

Tehreem’s new path

“Getting my data analytics certificate really helped prepare me for my current job where I have to produce data reports regularly.”

With help from her family and her Pathstream career coach, Tehreem got a job as a Data Analyst at Globe Life, where she frequently uses Excel to help make important decisions.

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Learn more about the Tableau Data Analytics Certificate program here.

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