Amazon Safety Crew Associate accepted into the highly esteemed Future Talent Program at BNY Mellon out of 15K applicants thanks to the Career Choice Program. 

Kednel Anderson Charles immigrated to the U.S. from Haiti in 2019. In 2023, he took the opportunity to enroll in the Sales Operation Certificate program for free through his employer Amazon. This program equipped Kednel with essential skills in sales operations, opening doors to exciting new career prospects as a Business Data Analyst.

After completing the program, he was accepted into the highly esteemed Future Talent Intern Program at BNY Mellon. He was chosen out of 15 thousand applicants to join the group of 450 interns and is currently in a Business Data Analyst role. 


Kednel’s start at Amazon:

Kednel Charles joined Amazon in 2019, initially working at a fulfillment center in Texas. In 2021, he relocated to New York, becoming part of a new facility. As a safety corps member, Kednel was responsible for ensuring a safe working environment, monitoring safety protocols, and reporting concerns. 


Discovering Amazon Career Choice and Pathstream:

Kednel first learned about the Amazon Career Choice program at work. Career Choice covers the costs of further education for eligible employees, allowing them to pursue their interests and acquire new skills. 

“I saw an announcement at work, and then I logged into AtoZ at home on my laptop. I read through all the Career Choice information and looked at available sales programs. I thought to myself — if I learn new sales skills and gain some experience, it can positively impact my future.”

While in Texas, Kednel did not meet the eligibility requirements for Career Choice, but he qualified for the program upon his move to New York. Once eligible, Kednel found Pathstream’s Sales Operations Certificate through Amazon’s internal AtoZ portal. 

“I signed up for a Pathstream webinar after expressing my interest in the program. The webinar gave me everything I needed to make an informed decision,” Kednel enthusiastically shared. “The Pathstream representatives went above and beyond in explaining every detail from A to Z. They provided comprehensive information and shared inspiring success stories of other Amazon employees who had pursued the program.”

Afterward, Kednel enrolled in the Sales Operations Certificate program using his Career Choice benefits. 



Why was Kednel motivated to pursue the Sales Operations certificate?

Kednel is an Amazon employee and a small business owner. From the webinar, he learned that the courses covered data analytics and sales operations. He recognized that the skills he would learn could help him launch a new career in Sales Ops. Furthermore, acquiring such skills could significantly enhance the productivity and success of his existing business.


Reflecting on Pathstream’s holistic learning experience 

Kednel’s experience with Pathstream was positive and rewarding. He said, “The program was thoughtfully designed, providing valuable information through engaging videos and hands-on projects. I especially appreciated the inclusion of real-world business problems and exercises that mirrored the challenges I might face in a new role. It allowed me to apply what I learned in a practical context and boosted my confidence.” 

The program’s structure provided Kednel with a holistic learning experience, equipping him with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in his field. The combination of informative videos and practical projects ensured a comprehensive understanding of sales operations, making it a truly enriching journey for Kednel. As a result, Kednel felt more confident applying to Sales Op jobs.


Acquiring career-critical skills to embark on a new career path

Kednel acquired fundamental business analysis and customer relationship management skills throughout the program. He learned to build dashboards and reports in Salesforce and make informed business decisions using data. 

While he has yet to start his internship, Kednel has applied his new skills. Kednel found these skills directly applicable to his business ventures, enabling him to evaluate product performance, identify opportunities, and refine his sales strategies.

Completing the Pathstream program and acquiring the Sales Operations Certificate has also positioned Kednel for future growth in the field. Kednel now envisions leveraging his newfound knowledge and internship experience to apply for sales or operations positions. He also has plans to continue his professional development.


Support from Amazon Career Choice and Pathstream 

Kednel emphasized the invaluable support he received from Amazon Career Choice and Pathstream throughout his journey. The Amazon Career Choice program provided an opportunity, and management encouraged Kednel to focus on his goals. 

“They [Amazon] told me to focus on the program and supported me every step of the way when it came to balancing work and studying.”

In addition, Pathstream’s Career Services, specifically his coach Liz, offered assistance in building a resume and preparing him for interviews. The guidance and support from these programs significantly contributed to Kednel’s confidence and success.


Kednel’s advice to fellow Amazonians

Drawing from his own experience, Kednel has valuable advice for his fellow Amazonians. He emphasized, “I encourage everyone to take advantage of opportunities like Amazon Career Choice and explore programs like Pathstream. Don’t hesitate to invest in your education and personal growth. Knowledge is power, and learning opens doors to incredible career opportunities.”


Take the next step in your career with Amazon Career Choice and Pathstream

Kednel’s story is a testament to the opportunities created by partnerships like Pathstream and Amazon Career Choice, which enabled him to enhance his skills, broaden his career prospects, and pursue his passion for sales operations.

If you’re an Amazon employee eager to unlock new career possibilities and expand your skill set, explore the diverse range of programs Pathstream offers. 



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