A Fresh start with ambitious goals

Andualem Seid‘s background in finance and banking in Ethiopia was initially a source of confidence when he moved to the United States. However, he soon realized the difficulty of translating his experience into meaningful employment in a new country. Facing these challenges, he began working at Amazon as a Logistics Associate. He chose this job not just as a job but as a stepping stone to greater possibilities.

“Initially, it was just to support my family,” Andualem explains, “but then I learned about Amazon’s Career Choice, which opened a new door for me to better my situation and advance into Data Analytics.”

Before discovering Pathstream, Andualem worked as a Logistics Associate at Amazon. “I was working in logistics, supervising and handling the interim informatics process,” he explains. But, this role didn’t fully utilize his expertise or align with his career goals. 


Discovering Pathstream: A Gateway to new skills and networks

“After researching different schools and programs offered through Amazon Career Choice, I finally decided on Pathstream,” recalls Andualem. 

“The program was free, very comfortable with my time, and the curriculum was simple to follow and worked with my schedule and mindset. I also appreciated the coaching and job support, crucial for someone like me without connections in the U.S.” 


The learning experience

Andualem’s engagement with Pathstream transformed his professional outlook. His favorite part of the Pathstream program was mastering SQL for data analytics, data wrangling, and data cleaning. “I got fundamental knowledge on how to clear data, wrangle data, and use SQL for data analytics,” he shared.  “While I can’t yet apply all these technical skills at Amazon, the confidence and soft skills Pathstream provided have been invaluable to my role.” 


The power of coaching

Transitioning careers involves more than just learning new skills; it’s also about effectively marketing those skills. This is where Andualem’s coach comes into play.  By updating his resume and LinkedIn profile, they helped enhance his job application process. Andualem appreciates the comprehensive approach: 

Revamping his resume and LinkedIn profile, they took essential steps toward improving his job application process, especially since he applies to over ten positions weekly. 

“My coach knows how to manage and write a resume and helped me fill in the gaps I had on my LinkedIn profile. Practicing mock interviews has also helped me to tell my story better.” 


Stepping up at Amazon and looking forward

The skills and confidence gained from Pathstream were soon reflected at his workplace. Amazon recognized his potential and assigned him to an interim Process Assistant role, reinforcing his belief in his capabilities. The time management skills he acquired through the certification played a crucial role in this achievement.

The skills and confidence gained from Pathstream were soon reflected at his workplace. Amazon recognized his potential and assigned him to an interim Process Assistant role, reinforcing his belief in his capabilities. 

“This temporary role is a significant step toward my ultimate goal,” Andualem states. He remains committed to his journey into data analytics, continually learning new skills and applying for roles that align with his new path. 

In addition to his duties at Amazon, Andualem secured an internship as an SQL Programmer at DataArt. During this internship, he developed and optimized database systems and designed data visualizations that enhanced decision-making processes. This experience not only bolstered his technical skills but also provided practical insights into the application of data analytics in a business context.

“Working at DataArt has allowed me to apply and expand the database management and administration skills I acquired at Pathstream, positioning me more competitively for future opportunities,” he adds.


Reflecting on the Journey

Andualem’s story is an example of how dedication and seizing opportunities, such as Amazon’s Career Choice, can transform lives. He says, “Embrace every educational opportunity with open arms. Education is the most important thing.” 


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