Victoria used her employer’s tuition reimbursement program to pivot to a Salesforce role.

Victoria Cervantes was interested in taking professional development courses online when she came across an email from her employer promoting Pathstream’s Salesforce certificate programs.

“I got a small taste of working in Salesforce in my role, but I wanted to learn how to use its full capabilities. I used my employer’s tuition reimbursement program to pay for Pathstream’s Salesforce Admin Career Certificate. It is incredibly positive when an employer invests in employees’ professional development and well-being. It improves retention and helps employees grow in the future.”

Before Pathstream’s Salesforce Admin Career program, Victoria had only used Salesforce as an end user.

“You must mentally prepare for the program because it requires time and effort every week. The program started very intro level and then became more complex. I dedicated two hours daily to the program and used weekends to catch up on materials requiring a little more time. I also planned. If I had an event coming up, I made sure to adjust my schedule to balance work, the program, and my personal life.”

She also took advantage of the different types of support Pathstream offers.

“I used office hours; my instructor was so helpful. He assured me that learning Salesforce skills would be a lifelong learning journey because the Salesforce platform is constantly updating, and you need to keep your skills current. I was unsure how this course fits into my career path, but Pathstream helped me understand why upskilling would benefit my career growth. They showed me that you could ultimately transition to a Salesforce admin role in your organization or another industry.”

In addition to in-program support, Victoria worked with career coaches.

“I was pivoting career paths and needed to position myself as a Salesforce Admin. Pathstream’s career coaches helped me incorporate new skills into my resume and update my LinkedIn. My whole learning experience paid off because I now work as a Salesforce Administrator. I started small, working on projects, which led to a transition to a full-time Salesforce Admin role.”

Victoria’s last piece of advice:

“Don’t think; do it. Pathstream offers so much value and many resources. Look into your employer’s education benefits or tuition reimbursement programs and take the course. There is tremendous value in developing yourself professionally and gaining new knowledge.”

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