How one Pathstream student used the Facebook Digital Marketing program to transition to a marketing career at Pioneer Media

Tylonda Sanders started her career in 7th grade at her mother’s flower business. Initially, she helped out with the flowers, but after college, she began helping with the shop’s marketing efforts. Since then, Tylonda has held many different jobs in fields including teaching, banking, insurance, and county government. Most recently, she worked for Marriott Hotels in their National Group Sales program. After 15 years of service at Marriott, Tylonda was unfortunately laid off, like many people, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking Action to Learn New Skills

Eager to start a new chapter, Tylonda learned about the Pathstream certificate programs from her cousin who was working at Metropolitan Community College. She called the number for the community college, signed up, and was approved for a scholarship. Unsure what program to choose, Tylonda flipped a coin and ultimately decided to pursue the Facebook Digital Marketing Certificate. She was happy she did.

“I am excited to wake up every morning and go into work.”

Tylonda’s New Job

While finishing the program, Tylonda found employment working for a local newspaper outlet called The Reader. The newspaper also runs and has a digital marketing outlet called Pioneer Media, which hired Tylonda to put her new skills to use.

Luckily, Tylonda was now equipped to succeed at that job, thanks to what she learned in the Facebook Digital Marketing Program. She works on the ads that go into the newspaper, and also sells the digital marketing consulting services that Pioneer Media offers to its customers. She is also getting a chance to see how some of the skills and ideas featured in her email marketing course can be applied in the real world.

“I am looking at this as truly a new adventure; a new chapter,” she says, “I am excited to wake up every morning and go into work.”

When asked what she liked most about the Facebook Digital Marketing Certificate, Tylonda mentions how applicable her new skillset is across all kinds of businesses and industries.

“I can see how this content might apply to my own business (I sell jewelry that I make). I can see how this can also apply to large businesses like Marriott. And now am seeing how it applies to a small business like Pioneer Media. What I learned is really applicable across all types of companies and industries”

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