Amazon Career Choice Success Story: Sylvia Thomas

Student Success Story Sylvia Thomas

Through Amazon Career Choice, Sylvia learned new data skills that helped her find a more stable career in data analytics and supply chain management.

Sylvia worked in film and video production, but the pandemic paused her film career.

“Fortunately, when Covid hit, I already had a second job with Amazon. I needed to figure out my next steps professionally. Due to the high demand for analysts and job security, I decided to pursue a career in Data Analytics. Then I enrolled in the Data Analytics Certificate Program through Pathstream using my Amazon Career Choices benefits. Amazon Career Choice covers the cost of the certificate, and Amazon also benefits from us taking these types of courses. For example, I applied my new data analytics skills in my supply chain role with Amazon.”

Her experience with Pathstream’s data analytics certificate was challenging and rewarding.

“There were easy and complex parts of the course. When I hit a wall and was ready to give up, I would reach out to the instructor and use office hours. They would help me push forward. I also liked how within each course, the sections build upon each other. For example, I learned the basics of data analysis and how to use spreadsheets. Then I would work on Excel or Google Sheets labs using the skills.”

Sylvia also said that the course helped her see data differently.

“I sort through a lot of data with truckers and trailers. I input it into spreadsheets and use the shortcuts I learned in the program to make the process more efficient. This way, if anything goes wrong, I can catch it and change it before it causes an error down the line.”

Our career coaches helped Sylvia build confidence to tell her story during interviews and transition to a role where she uses data analysis more often.

“The career coach I worked with was so nice and positive. I have trouble communicating, and we worked on how I could better showcase my experience and highlight my skills during the interview process. The entire experience with Pathstream and Amazon Career Choice changed my career aspirations. I don’t want to be a data analyst, but I want to use data analytics in the industry I am currently working in: supply chain management. I am now a Freight Operations Clerk for UPS and hope to grow in this field.”

Sylvia also shared some words of encouragement for future students:

“Stay focused and use all the resources Pathstream offers. Reach out to career coaches, go to office hours and speak with your instructors. They built all this support to help students, so use it.”

Pathstream can help Amazonians thrive professionally.

Does Amazon currently employ you? Have you taken advantage of the education opportunities Amazon offers? If you’re looking to launch a data analytics career and want to learn the skills to thrive in the data industry, we can help. Our certificates are FREE for eligible Amazon employees.

Contact us today to determine your eligibility and reserve your spot.


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