Learn how Seth landed a $75K data analyst role after taking Pathstream’s FREE  course using his Walmart education benefits.


A year ago, Seth Daniels was a business student working at Walmart as a stocker. After taking Pathstream’s Business Analytics and Operations Certificate program for free, he successfully transitioned into a data analyst role and is earning a higher salary.

We recently spoke to Seth and asked him what motivated him to utilize Walmart’s education benefits to cover the costs of the program and embark on a new career path.

“Seizing opportunities for personal and professional growth begins by actively seeking ways to enhance your skills. Motivated to work in data analytics, I utilized my free Walmart education benefits to enroll in Pathstream’s certificate program. Embarking on a new career path can be daunting. Thankfully, my manager and Pathstream provided unwavering support and guidance, ultimately convincing me to enroll.”

Seth enthusiastically shared his positive experience with the Pathstream program, emphasizing its user-friendly nature and abundant learning resources.

“Pathstream’s program stood out with its comprehensive approach, allowing me to take the time to truly grasp the concepts and understand the practical applications of the skills I was learning,” he said.

His favorite project involved using Tableau, a data visualization tool he had never encountered. “Tableau was a game-changer for me. It transformed how I communicated data by making it more engaging and easier to understand through visuals and dynamic charts. I’ve used graphs, pie charts, and bar charts before, but Tableau’s interactive features and mapping capabilities brought a refreshing, innovative perspective to data presentation,” Seth explained.

Seth’s experience with Pathstream gave him new insights and instilled a sense of excitement for his future in data analytics.

After months of perseverance through the job search and countless interviews, Seth finally landed his dream role as a human resources data analyst at Airbus. Seth went from making $27K a year to $75k.

In this position, he applies the knowledge and skills he gained from his data courses. “My day-to-day tasks vary, but I primarily work with spreadsheets, sorting and filtering data from the ADP database to create visualizations,” Seth explains.

He emphasized the importance of the Business Analytics Fundamentals course, which equipped him with essential data-wrangling techniques and spreadsheet management skills. “The most valuable skills I’ve applied in my current role include using Find and Replace functions, VLOOKUP, and organizing spreadsheets for easy data access. These skills were instrumental in helping me excel in my job as a data analyst,” Seth concludes.

Seth concluded our conversation by highlighting the advantages for employers who offer educational benefits to their employees. He firmly believes investing in employees’ education is in the company’s best interest. 

“Providing educational support not only demonstrates that the organization values its employees, but it also significantly boosts retention rates. By empowering employees to develop new skills and advance in their careers, companies create a mutually beneficial environment that fosters growth, loyalty, and success,” Seth explains.

Transform your career with Pathstream’s Certificate Programs.

In today’s rapidly evolving job market, upskilling and taking advantage of education benefits are essential for staying ahead and achieving professional success. By investing in your education and personal growth, you not only expand your skillset but also open up new opportunities for career advancement. Don’t miss out on the chance to unlock your full potential – access your education benefits account on Guild and enroll in Pathstream’s certificate programs today. 


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