Find out how one Pathstream learner was able to transition to a data analyst role within the insurance industry.

After working in business development consulting, Renante Bustamante was ready to return to data analytics and insurance. 

“I needed to update my data skills because I hadn’t worked in data analytics for a decade. I chose Pathstream because I knew the level of quality I was looking for in a program would be there because of your relationship with NYU Tandon School of Engineering, my alma mater. And after reviewing the syllabus, I noticed that the data analytics certificate focused on three main areas of data analytics. In contrast, other programs attempted to cram too much information into a short timeframe. I wanted to invest in a very focused program.” 

Renante found the data analytics program to be engaging. He said, “The program is well structured and paced perfectly. Before the program, nothing stuck with me, but how Pathstream organized the courses helped me retain the information and apply what I learned. I enjoyed the content itself and the labs. I dabbled in Tableau previously, but while enrolled, I had access to the full suite of features and could learn how to properly use the data visualization software. The tech support team was phenomenal; they helped troubleshoot any issues I had and were very responsive. Pathstream constantly communicated with me throughout the program; they were knowledgeable and made the experience brilliant.”

He also took advantage of Pathstream’s career navigation services. Our career coaches help students identify and highlight their skills, proficiencies, and experiences to reach their professional goals. 

“Pathstream’s career coaches offer support in many different forms. They hosted a helpful virtual workshop series. Hearing from data analytics alums who worked in the field inspired me to power through the hurdles. They validated everything I felt about transitioning roles and industries, which helped me better prepare. I am grateful to the career coaches and Pathstream alums for their support during this stage of my career.” 

Renante is currently a data analyst at Chubb. He says, “I’ve been able to use my new skills twice already. When you transition into a data analytics role, internally or externally, you must show hiring managers your skills. During my technical interview, I couldn’t answer all of the SQL questions, but my hiring manager noticed how I methodically worked through each step of creating a query. Seeing that my skills were strong and I knew how to process each question was more important for them. I’ve been there for about 18 weeks, but the manager gave me feedback that he was impressed with how I approached data analytics. His affirmation indicated that the course had prepared me for a career in data analytics.” 

His last piece of advice:

“Be resilient and patient with yourself and the career journey. The courses will equip you with the right skills, but you must do the work, implement the feedback the career coaches give you, and keep putting yourself out there.” 

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