Molly Rowe is a Returned Citizen Advocate at The Last Mile, an organization that prepares incarcerated individuals for successful reentry through business and technology training. She helps individuals prepare resumes and cover letters and find jobs in the technology industry. 

Molly was interested in improving her project management skills and enrolled in the Asana Project Management Certificate


Improving self and team efficiency

“I took the program because I have a big case load and wanted to learn how to manage each case better. I not only achieved my goal but I also built a management system that benefits my team. If I took a vacation, anyone on my team with no knowledge of my caseload could pick up any case and locate what they needed.”

Additionally, she believes the scholarship program is an excellent investment for her organization since it teaches employees essential digital skills that enhance productivity.

“I didn’t know anything about project management when I started the program. The program taught me how project management could help improve efficiency at work and everyday life.”

While enrolled in the program, Molly found it challenging yet rewarding. 


Applying learning to real work scenarios

“Some courses were harder than others, but I was determined to get through them. The program taught me the fundamentals of project management and how to work with Asana. But, these skills are transferrable to other project management tools. For example, our team was looking for reentry resources across the six different states where we operate our 17 facilities. I oversaw this project and decided to use it as one of my final projects for the program. I built the project in Asana and transferred it to GitLab, our company’s software. It helped to get feedback from my Pathstream instructor, and we were able to complete the project in time.” 

Molly also liked the way the program was structured and Pathstream’s platform.


A User-friendly learning experience with Pathstream

“I am a software engineer and found the learning management system (LMS) very user-friendly and easy to work in. My instructor was great; she gave phenomenal feedback on every project and lab.”


Molly’s Advice: Dedication and time management are key

The Asana Project Management Certificate Program requires students to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week to learning the material and completing coursework. Molly was enrolled in another full-time class while taking our program online. 

“You have to be dedicated because the program includes a lot of content to read, and you’ll do that on your own time. I enjoy learning, but planning out my week was critical to achieving success with the program. I would schedule two hours every morning, Monday through Friday, to work on Pathstream. This helped me manage my time between my kids, living in a transitional home, working full-time, and completing a co-associate program simultaneously. My advice, set aside time to focus on Pathstream because it will help you throughout the program.”

Since 2020, Pathstream has partnered with Last Mile to offer scholarship seats to employees interested in project management, digital marketing, Salesforce, and data analytics. As of 2022, dozens of employees have taken advantage of and graduated from our programs.


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