Keviny Nelson had a booming hospitality career until Covid-19 changed the world. She was furloughed like many people across the U.S. Instead of waiting it out, Keviny took her time to reflect on her skillset.

Discovering a new career path

“I wanted to enhance my skills, and I began to look into project management. I realized that some of what I did in my old role aligned with a project manager’s day-to-day. Then my husband brought Pathstream to my attention, and I decided to enroll in the Asana Project Management Certificate.”

Balancing learning and family obligations

Keviny took our program while balancing her obligations to her family. She enjoyed the flexibility and interactivity of the program.

“I like that you can go at your speed and that the material was taught differently. Some parts of the courses were visual, and others required reading. It’s great to learn through different mediums and stay engaged.”

She found that her instructor always made themselves available during office hours or to answer questions promptly.

The benefits of Pathstream’s support systems 

“I loved having the one-on-one feedback. That’s extremely helpful and important to me because I learned a new topic. I had a lot of questions and needed the support.” 

Keviny reached out to Pathstream’s Career Services towards the end of the third course to begin her job search. Pathstream’s in-house career coaches provide students with career guidance, help them navigate the job search, and connect them with hiring partners. 

“I worked in group sales for hotels, and nobody was traveling during the pandemic. I decided I would switch industries and look into a project management career. I began to work with career services, and they helped me immediately. The team sent me curated weekly job posts. I was looking for a creative project management position and didn’t realize it existed until I received their newsletters. My career coach rewired my resume to highlight my new project management and transferable skills.”

Landing a new role in broadcasting

Keviny landed a role in broadcasting as a Junior Account Executive at WABE NPR in Atlanta.  

“I have a great professional network. They reached out to me with an opportunity to work in public media broadcasting. The position was created for me, and I couldn’t turn it down. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been using my new skills. I incorporate time and schedule management in this role. Project management skills are transferable, no matter what industry or career you end up in.”

Her piece of advice to prospective and current students:

“Make sure you schedule time for the class. There are still deadlines, and having the time to digest that new knowledge is helpful.”

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