Jim Pomatto is a seasoned veteran in the world of retail with a professional journey spanning over 23 years. He’s devoted the last 16 years to Kohls, serving in a crucial role as the Manager of Operations and Human Resources. His daily responsibilities encompass an extensive range of tasks – from hiring and training personnel to formulating individual development plans, managing performance reviews, and addressing employee concerns.

Jim is also getting closer to retirement and felt compelled to engage his creative side more. He wanted to pick up new digital marketing skills to pursue freelancing. 

“I’ve been with the store [Kohl’s] for 16 years and in retail for 23 years. I’m getting closer to retirement and eager to explore more freelance and gig work in digital marketing. That’s my motivation for taking the Digital Marketing Certificate.”


Discovering Pathstream

Jim started to look into his employer’s education benefits to find the right program to equip him with digital marketing skills. He was also looking for a course to build up his experience through projects. 

“After browsing for digital marketing programs in our online catalog, I found the Digital Marketing Certificate through Pathstream. Upon further research, I found that Pathstream programs had good reviews, and the costs associated with the program are covered by my employer [Kohl’s]. I decided to enroll in the Digital Marketing Certificate.”


Navigating Online Education and Work

Balancing an intense 60-hour workweek, Jim found that the program’s flexibility was ideal for his busy lifestyle. “The school was very accommodating. There was a point where I needed more time to complete the modules, and my instructor helped me get the extension so that I could go ahead and complete the course.” 

Pathstream provided him with a robust foundation in digital marketing principles, complemented by a wealth of information, instructor support, and resources at his fingertips. He was very impressed by the high quality of information and course content. 

Jim said, “What I liked about the program was it provided me with a solid foundation and a ton of information. I also had a great instructor. She did a fabulous job. I could always reach out to her, and she was extremely encouraging.”

He continues, “The program’s offering of an accountability partner was a particularly nice touch. My experience even inspired my accountability buddy to pursue further education. He started a different course and emailed me, expressing how my journey had influenced him.”


Digital Marketing Skills Gained

Jim gained critical marketing skills after taking Pathstream’s Certificate courses. These skills included mastering the marketing funnel, utilizing case studies, creating personas, comprehending the sales cycle, and developing comprehensive marketing plans

He also gained proficiency in Google Analytics, the role of demographics in devising marketing strategies, and engaging audiences on social media platforms effectively.

These competencies have proven instrumental in launching his freelance venture. Jim explains, “My primary focus right now is my full-time job, but investing in my idea for the future is crucial. Therefore, I’m investing time and effort in laying the groundwork for my freelancing business. I am gradually increasing my freelance work through platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.”

“I’ve also started assisting businesses in ranking higher through Google reviews. This initiative demands extensive research and networking, and the process is exciting. In addition, I operate ‘Our Incredible World,’ a successful brand with over 13,000 followers, generating revenue through Adsense.”


Understanding Marketing Better

Embarking on Pathstream’s program significantly deepened Jim’s understanding of marketing, particularly regarding the strategies employed at Kohl’s. 

“The program enlightened me on why we focus heavily on advertising. Pathstream helped me see the big picture, and I now consider myself a more well-rounded manager. I regularly recommend my employees utilize their education benefits. I share my learning journey to show the practicality and value taking a certificate can bring.”

Jim’s time with Pathstream has equipped him with valuable digital marketing skills and made him an advocate for continuous learning and self-improvement. His journey illustrates the transformative power of education, even in the later stages of one’s career.


Are You Ready to Reinvent Your Career with Pathstream?

Does Jim’s story inspire you to embark on your learning journey with Pathstream? Whether you’re gearing up for a promotion, considering a career switch, or looking to launch a side business, Pathstream equips you with the skills you need.



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