Student success story: Jason Perez-Dormitzer

Jason Perez-Dormitzer
Jason Perez-Dormitz has a degree in journalism and worked for local newspapers for many years before becoming the primary caregiver for his four children. He has continued to pursue freelance content creation roles alongside his role as a Target retail associate. He had previously pursued edX courses in marketing and media. Still, when he saw that Target offered education benefits, he was intrigued and decided to enroll in the Digital Marketing Certificate from Pathstream.

“I have a journalism background and thought this program would mesh well with my freelance writing.”

He found the program both challenging and informative.

“It seemed extremely college level. It was thorough. I learned a lot. I learned much more than if I had tried to study this independently.”

Jason even recently found an opportunity to apply his marketing skills to real-world contexts. His wife is the Recycling Coordinator for New Bedford in Massachusetts. She was trying to encourage more people in their town to compost. So Jason worked with her to develop a social media campaign to reduce landfill waste, taking inspiration from the TV show Stranger Things.

“I learned from the course how to take the business strategy and bring it to life through content.”

Jason is continuing to pursue freelance marketing and is now looking to explore whether he can contribute his digital media skills to other roles at Target.

“I see a future in which many individual stores need to do marketing within their region. I want to be able to help,” he says.

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