Charting a New Course: Elisa Turner’s Leap into Data Analytics

Once a successful inventory planner, Elisa Turner began to envision a different path for herself – a career in data analytics. Six months later, her dream became a reality when she got a position as a data analyst at Home Depot. 

“In college, I took classes in MIS and BI, which are like data analytics. I was interested in the field but unsure how to break into the industry,” she reflects. 

Her quest for self-improvement led her to explore various online courses, acquiring multiple certificates from platforms like edX and Coursera. Yet, despite her efforts, the door to her dream career remained closed. An attempt at the IBM certificate program proved challenging due to its emphasis on independent learning.

Seeking an affordable, structured program that could equip her with the necessary skills for a data analytics role, Elisa discovered the Pathstream Data Analytics Certificate Program.


The Pathstream Difference: A Comprehensive, Interactive Learning Experience

When asked to compare Pathstream with her previous learning experiences, Elisa asserts:

“The Pathstream data analytics certificate program was excellent. Unlike other data courses, it was easy to digest, and I loved interacting with my instructor. If I had issues, I could use office hours to troubleshoot. My instructor provided great insight and feedback throughout the program. The types of support Pathstream instructors offer help us succeed.”

The program’s design also appealed to Elisa, blending theoretical instruction with practical application. 

“Each course taught you the foundations of data analytics, new skills, or how to use software like SQL. Then you would apply those skills to labs and projects. After completing the program, I could speak with authority on subjects within data analytics in my new role to our vice president or any executive team member.”


Elisa’s career transition powered by Pathstream’s personalized career pathing

Pathstream’s unique offering of personalized career pathing became the lighthouse guiding Elisa through her transformative journey into data analytics. 

She remembers the turning point: “Engaging with the career coaches at Pathstream was the best part of my learning experience. They had an uncanny ability to identify my transferable skills and utilized these insights to elevate my resume to a data analyst level.”

Using their strategic advice as a launchpad, Elisa promoted her accomplishments, displaying her newly acquired certificate and badges on LinkedIn. This savvy move unlocked an array of previously new career opportunities. 

The result? Within just six weeks of graduation, she stepped into her new role as a data analyst at Home Depot, marking the culmination of her persistent pursuit of professional growth.


Advice from Elisa: Choose Pathstream

Elisa shares some words of wisdom for those considering Pathstream. “Regardless of if you’re looking to enroll in Pathstream’s program as an individual or are an organization looking to offer professional growth opportunities to your employees – choose Pathstream. What makes Pathstream stand out against other companies is the career coaching services. The career coaches have the expertise and responsiveness to help you advance your career.”

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