Daniel is a General Manager for Chipotle in Texas. He has been in the restaurant industry for over 20 years and worked for Chipotle for six and a half years. Daniel started as a team member and was promoted to General Manager. He helps open new restaurant locations in California, North Carolina, and Canada and trains new managers. 

Daniel is responsible for managing his Chipotle location, including hiring frontline staff. Daniel competes for talent in an oil town where most people can get high-paying jobs in the refinery business. He has found that the education benefits from his employer are a valuable tool for recruiting workers who wish to earn a college degree. 

He strongly believes in the importance of being a lifelong learner. So much so that he even, “managed to get a few flyers advertising these benefits put up in the backroom” where his staff can see them. 

Daniel is enrolled in Pathstream’s Business Analytics and Operations Certificate, which he says has been very relevant to his job as a General Manager.

 “I have been able to look and see how you get your numbers and how to analyze those numbers. I have been able to look at my P&L and see where I can improve and where we are in terms of sales projections.” 

He is hoping to get promoted to a Regional Manager position with Chipotle. His eventual dream is to start his own business.

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