Caroline Cho is a Private Client Banker with a company she’s been with for 15 years. She enrolled in Pathstream’s Salesforce Administrator and Business Analyst Certificate to learn how to use customer relationship management (CRM) software. 

“My company launched Salesforce, and I wanted to learn to use it properly now that it was a job requirement. I thought learning more about the platform’s backend was the best way to dive in. I needed to learn why we are using Salesforce in the particular way we were, as opposed to the hundreds of different ways we could use the customer retention tools.”


Learning Experience: Building the Blocks to Success 

Caroline found the program helpful in teaching her the basics of Salesforce. It also piqued her interest in learning more about the CRM platform, and she signed up for another Salesforce program to further build upon her new skills. 

“The return on investment for companies offering a limitless catalog of programs is huge. It improves retention, and employees learn independently because these programs are online and flexible. It helps employees like me fine-tune specific skills or learn how to correctly use the tech our companies launch. As an end-user, I know what would work better for our local teams and can help build a better platform for end-users at our company.”


The Flexibility of Online Learning 

The Salesforce Administrator and Business Analyst Certificate is an online program for working professionals. It was Caroline’s first time taking a program online, but she appreciated the flexibility this afforded her.

“I work 45-46 hours a week and am working on my master’s in forensic accounting. I could take this program because it was 100% online.”

She also said, “I am a very structured individual and planned my schedule in advance to properly manage my deadlines. As you will be required to work on the courses weekly, time management is an important skill.” 


Practical Application: Making a Real Impact at Work

Caroline could immediately apply the CRM skills she picked up in the program. 

“As soon as I found out you need administrator access to be able to make changes, I started to submit tickets to the team that worked on the backend. I asked them to make changes so that we could view client information in a way that worked better for our team or if they could clean up multiple sets of dirty data. Overall, I provided feedback that improved the tool efficiency.”


Caroline’s final piece of advice:

“Do it! Every year I plan on learning something new; why be complacent? I was the guinea pig; my coworkers said go ahead, try it, and let us know if it makes a difference. Halfway through the program, I said, you know what — Salesforce is everywhere, and every company will implement CRM platforms. You need to take this program, and I got several of my coworkers to enroll. These tech skills will further our careers at our company. So look into your company’s education benefits and take advantage of them.”

Are you inspired by Caroline’s story and ready to boost your career just like she did? Don’t wait! Start exploring our Salesforce Administrator and Business Analyst Certificate program today. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, our program offers flexible and online learning opportunities that can help you develop essential skills for the modern workplace. Don’t stay complacent — embrace the opportunity to learn something new and improve your tech skills.


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