Carlos launched a new career and secured $40K salary increase after taking a Data Analytics Certificate program for free using Amazon’s Career Choice benefits. 

Carlos Rodriguez left behind a career as a Senior Production Engineer in Venezuela. He moved to the United States with his family to pursue a better life. But, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to transition into his previous career easily and began to work in logistics for Amazon. Little did he know Amazon’s Career Choice program would help him get a new career in Data Analytics and secure a new job making +$80k a year. 

“When I first moved to the U.S., I thought, I have a lot of experience in the oil industry, and my goal is to find a similar job. But I moved right before the pandemic. There were a lot of layoffs in the oil and gas industry. I decided to work in a warehouse, and that’s where I learned about Amazon’s Career Choice program.” 

He found the Tableau Data Analytics Certificate Program in Amazon’s Career Choice program catalog. Carlos decided to look further into what a data analyst does

“I didn’t know anything about data analytics at first. When I reviewed  Pathstream’s syllabus and looked into data roles, I realized I have data skills and experience. I evaluated data every day to make oil production decisions in my previous role. I wanted a data career and need to refresh my technical skills. So when I got home at 3 a.m. after my shift, I enrolled in the Pathstream Data Analytics Certificate Program.” 

Carlos also chose Pathstream because it afforded him tons of flexibility. He was working full-time and had a newborn at home. 

“I chose the program because it’s flexible, online, and free. But then I started the program and realized it’s not like any other online program. What makes Pathstream different is how the program is designed and Career Services. The courses are very cool because you learn through hands-on labs and projects. All the projects are similar to what you encounter on the job. The best part is you build up your project portfolio and experience before beginning the job search. Finally, the way the program is organized is seamless. It holds you accountable with deadlines and weekly goals like college, but it’s all online.”

Carlos often studied for an hour before starting a night shift and then set aside another five (5) hours after work. 

“In logistics, your schedule changes often. But every week, you get an email from Pathstream outlining the goals for that week and listing any upcoming deadlines. Then you create a schedule that works for you. If you need support, you have many different ways to get it. You can reach out to the instructor or use Piazza, a forum where you can post questions and get answers from other students enrolled in the program.”

Carlos was surprised to have access to career coaches and felt that Career Services sets the Pathstream program apart. 

“You know, when you graduate from college, they just say bye! No one helps you find a job. But Pathstream helped me restart a career. The career coaches I worked with were amazing people. Angie helped me zoom in on which transferable skills and parts of my experience should be included in my resume. Thanks to her feedback, I got interviews before finishing the program because my resume stood out. Their resources even helped me negotiate my salary and get a substantial increase. I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t have time to schedule a meeting with a coach but used Pathstream’s webinars. There is such an abundance of career resources available when you enroll in the program, and it’s important to use them all.” 

Carlos achieved his goal and started a career in the U.S. He is the Marketing & Sales Data Analyst at Engie North America. 

Carlos also gave Amazonians advice:

“I know money is important, but committing to this certificate, the learning process, and job search is more important. Amazon’s Career Choice program is free for employees, and all you have to do is sacrifice a few months to gain the skills that will change your life.” 


“Use your support system. We just had a baby when I enrolled, and we have no family in the U.S. to help out. My wife and family kept me motivated, and we figured it out. I came home at 6 a.m. every day, slept, studied, helped out with my family, and returned to work at 6 p.m. It was hard but worth it.” 

Launching a data career with Pathstream

Did reading about Carlos’s journey inspire you to explore a data analytics role? Are you nervous that you lack the skills or need to refresh those skills to meet the criteria in data analyst job postings?  Pathstream can help. The Tableau Data Analytics Certificate teaches you skills for in-demand data analytics roles, supporting you every step of the way. Get personalized feedback from an industry expert teaching your program and career guidance from your very own career coach. We’ll teach you the skills and connect you with job opportunities to improve your career. 

Qualifying for Amazon Education Benefits: You might qualify for Amazon’s Career Choice program if you currently work for Amazon. Eligible employees can take The Data Analytics Certificate for FREE through Pathstream. Speak to an enrollment advisor today to find out. 

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