From Walmart Resolutions Coordinator to Business Analyst 


Arun Valiyaveettil Ipe, a skilled business analyst, has come a long way since moving to the United States. Arun started his career trajectory in the U.S. as a Resolutions Coordinator at a Walmart Contact Center. 

As a Walmart Resolutions Coordinator, Arun handled a high volume of incoming calls from customers, stores, and associates, skillfully navigating multiple systems to resolve issues. While this role provided him with a wealth of experience, Arun’s aspirations extended beyond his current position.

“I moved here [the U.S.] in 2001 and was jobless for six months. Then, I landed this role as a resolution coordinator in a Walmart contact center. I found Pathstream’s Business Analytics and Operations Certificate program through my employer’s education benefits catalog. I have a decade of ICT and business analytics experience in India and Saudi Arabia. I decided to take this program because I saw this as an opportunity to re-establish myself as an analyst in the U.S. and further my career at Walmart.” 


Leveraging Walmart’s Education Benefits for Professional Growth

Recognizing the potential for growth and opportunity in data analytics and the need for more analysts trained in Tableau, Arun searched through Walmart’s education programs catalog. Arun strategically looked for courses that would teach him Tableau. He then found and enrolled in the Business Analytics and Operations Certificate program offered by Pathstream. Thanks to Walmart’s generous education benefits, Arun took the course for free.

The skills Arun gained through the program proved invaluable in helping him advance in his career at Walmart and in his current role. “I was familiar with Excel before the program, but it [the program] improved my Excel skills and significantly boosted my confidence in handling large volumes of data,” Arun shared. 

“What I didn’t anticipate was learning so much about project management and how immediately applicable it was in my role, ” Arun said. “For example, the strategies I learned helped me streamline the process of receiving and completing customer calls. It significantly improved the efficiency of my role and overall customer experience.” 


Securing A Promotion to Business Analyst at Walmart

Furthermore, becoming proficient in Tableau proved instrumental to securing a position as a business analyst at Walmart. While enrolled in the program, Arun found his department receptive to him taking on data analytics projects. He began to support the data analytics team at his Walmart contact center, using his newly-acquired expertise in both Excel and Tableau. 

Six months of dedicated effort and honing his skills led to a full-time position. Arun enthusiastically shared, “Upon completing the program, I was thrilled to be promoted to a business analyst role within Walmart. After getting this offer, everything changed for me, and my career grew fast. I’m grateful to Pathstream because they helped me improve my confidence and to Walmart for offering me the opportunity to propel my career forward.” 


Advantages of Taking a Pathstream Certificate Program

When asked about his advice for Walmart employees considering upskilling, Arun advised, “I highly recommend pursuing a Pathstream certificate.”

He further shared his perspective on the program and said, “I’m always eager to learn new things, so for me, it was about refining and enhancing my skills. I’ve seen coworkers attempt to teach themselves new skills like Tableau by watching YouTube videos, but it’s important to remember that Walmart provides better resources for professional development. The [Pathstream] program stands out because it offers more than video content. I worked on projects in the course that [mirror] the work I do as an analyst now. The program also gave me many projects to add to my portfolio.”

Arun also said, “The program also provides access to office hours so you can seek guidance from the instructors and career workshops. They [Pathstream] help you achieve your [professional] goals in one year.” 


The Next Step in His Career

After a year as a business analyst at Walmart, a new opportunity presented itself—one that Arun couldn’t pass up. He said, “This led me to embark on a new adventure beyond Walmart at a healthcare company, an industry I always wanted to grow in more.”


Seize the Opportunity: Leverage Walmart’s education benefits and take control of your career

The Business Analytics and Operations Certificate program, offered by Pathstream, empowers students with the practical skills and knowledge needed to thrive in data-driven roles. The program equips participants with data analysis, visualization, and operational decision-making expertise by combining interactive coursework with hands-on projects.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to accelerate your career growth like Arun. Take advantage of Walmart’s education benefits and enroll in Pathstream’s Business Analytics and Operations Certificate program today. Invest in your future and unlock your full potential!

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