Alexus Mack was enrolled in a Business Analytics Master’s program at St. Bonaventure University when she realized she needed to expand her technical skillset to work in data analytics and to use software like Tableau and SQL. 

“My master’s program is advanced but moves quickly; we move on to something new every seven weeks. I wanted to gain more exposure to Tableau, Excel, Google Sheets, and SQL because they are essential tools for data analysts. So I researched and found some great programs like the Google Analytics Certificate, but what they lacked was structure. What stood out about Pathstream’s Tableau Data Analytics program was being held accountable for assignments while also having the flexibility to complete courses on your own time.”

Alexus enrolled in the Tableau Data Analytics Certificate, a 27-week online program. 

“I am already building on the theoretical concepts of data at university. My professional goal was to complement this degree by learning to use data analytics software and build my professional portfolio. Ultimately, I wanted to know what to do when I got that first data analyst job or internship. What I got out of the program was real job training, project experience, and new data skills.”

Alexus was concerned about being overwhelmed because she pursued a master’s degree, was enrolled in the Tableau program, and worked part-time. However, she credits how the program is structured and her support system for easing any of these feelings. 

“I was nervous about the time commitment because I was juggling so much. But Pathstream designed the program to keep you on track. It was up to me to manage my time and keep to the schedule provided. I was also very motivated. I knew the program was only six months and that I would walk away having equipped myself with the right hard skills. I also have a supportive family that understood my professional aspirations.”

Alexus worked with Pathstream’s Career Services while she was enrolled in the program to offer career guidance services.

“This is a competitive field, and I went into the process knowing that I need to market myself as a data analyst. I knew that I had to improve my LinkedIn, work on my resume and determine which transferable skills I could showcase. I engaged with Career Services early on, and this was the best decision I made because I hadn’t searched for a job since 2017. Since then, the process has changed, so having someone to walk me through the job search process and what to expect was so helpful. They also reviewed my LinkedIn with me and my resume. I took their advice and incorporated all the feedback.”

Alexus also discussed how the career workshops helped her achieve her career goals. 

“I struggled with telling my story before attending the virtual workshop. I wanted to learn how to share my story and career transition. The workshop taught me how to do this. There are so many workshops I suggest students attend. They help you with salary negotiation, network, and build your confidence.”  

Alexus is an analyst intern at Avanade and will graduate from her master’s program at the end of this year. 

Her final piece of advice to students enrolled in a Pathstream certificate program:

“Engage with career services. It makes a big difference; they help you narrow down your professional goals and career planning. The coaches also consistently support and encourage you throughout the journey. This type of support helps you get through the program.”


Become a Data Analyst with Pathstream

Have you recently graduated with a data analytics degree, or are you currently studying data analytics? Are you looking to build up your hard skills before entering the workforce? If so, then Pathstream can help you learn in-demand skills you will need on the job with our world-class Tableau Data Analytics Certificate program. During this course, you will learn basic analytical skills, become accustomed to using the Tableau platform for analyzing data sources, and much more. Upon completion, Pathstream will even help you land your first job as a data analyst.

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