Meet Aimee Modderman: Senior IT Business Specialist at PNC Bank

Aimee Modderman, a Senior IT Business Analyst Specialist at PNC Bank, was eager to improve her Agile skills and broaden her project management knowledge in her new role. She yearned for structured learning to give her a recognized credential and respect from her coworkers and supervisors.

A recommendation from a co-worker led her to Pathstream’s Data Analytics and Agile Leadership Certificate

A Pathstream learning experience

Aimee describes her decision-making process below:

 “My employer offers tuition assistance, and I wanted to use it to cover the course costs. This one [Pathstream’s program] deeply delved into business analytics and project management. I wanted to understand more about the ins and outs of agile methodologies.”

Pathstream’s blend of theory and hands-on learning captured Aimee’s interest from the first course. This approach fostered an engaging, immersive learning environment that deeply resonated with her. Pathstream provided a safe, low-stakes environment where Aimee could practice and refine her skills.

Aimee reflected, “I loved the hands-on learning. The course didn’t just lay out the material; Pathstream took it a step further and let us implement our new skills in a mock business scenario.” 

This approach improved her understanding of business analytics and agile methods and boosted her confidence. Aimee capitalized on the opportunity to refine her skills in a low-risk setting.

However, the learning journey did have its challenges. For instance, she found Excel’s automatic calculations initially tricky to grasp. But Aimee looked at this challenge as an opportunity rather than a setback. 

“The section about automatic calculations in Excel initially made my head spin. But once the course content broke down the steps, I realized that understanding these calculations could make my work more efficient. It was a eureka moment for me.”



Impressive results

For Aimee, the Data Analytics and Agile Leadership Certificate not only taught her new skills but revolutionized her approach to her role and sharpened her project management skills.

“Through the program, I gained a deeper insight into how my colleagues’ roles intersect with mine, an understanding that has proved invaluable in managing our collaborative efforts.” 

Her newfound knowledge didn’t go unnoticed; her supervisor commended her skills in steering projects and maintaining team coordination.

Aimee says, “My manager has mentioned that I’ve demonstrated exceptional skills in managing projects, keeping everyone in sync, and ensuring smooth progress. This would not have been possible without the invaluable insights I’ve gained from the Pathstream program, which I’ve been able to apply and integrate into my daily work routine seamlessly.”

A Roadmap to future success

When asked how the program might shape her career trajectory, Aimee explains, 

“I think short term, I still feel like I’m learning the daily ins and outs of my role. But it has impacted my decision to pursue more courses. Long-term, I envision myself taking on greater project management responsibilities without necessarily transitioning out of my current business analyst role.” 

Transform your career just like Aimee

Aimee’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of dedicated learning and professional development. If you’re ready to empower your career and learn new skills to level up in your career, consider exploring Pathstream’s programs. 

No matter where you are in your career, there is always time to grow, learn, and explore new horizons. Dive into our program offerings and discover how you can revolutionize your approach to your role, improve your skills, and gain recognized credentials.



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